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Self-propelled sprayers: Bateman - Bateman RB26

Discussion in 'Machinery For Sale - Private Listings' started by Birchfarmer, May 16, 2018.

  1. Birchfarmer

    Birchfarmer New Member

    Category: Self-propelled sprayers Manufacturer: Bateman Price: Price on application Condition: Used


    Bateman RB26
    May 2011
    24m contour boom
    Ag Leader
    Tall wheels (high clearance hubs)
    Available june 20th on ( give or take a few days) new machine due
    320 r38
    Or 14.9 28 row crops
    680 flotations optional

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  2. Birchfarmer

    Birchfarmer New Member

    EAEBE9E2-DA69-4239-B807-F512130EC8EF.jpeg 016FE5B0-77AE-401E-ACC2-D243B31C2334.jpeg 0F851FB7-9D79-4C7C-8DB4-DE3675BB62A2.jpeg 93E9549F-DCF8-4D3D-B8B1-AC945D7439B6.jpeg F96F687A-5A9F-466E-842E-6A6AA5550B25.jpeg 89A1EE99-9122-4197-BD1F-C9DFDFBFB2BF.jpeg
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  3. Robski99

    Robski99 New Member

    Can you tell me what sort of price you are looking for ?

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