sex after an op!

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by wasted years, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. What is it about being told to refrain from sex or anything strenuous after an operation that makes me want to prove 'em wrong?
    Had a hernia and 'the snip' and was good to go next day in the bedroom, today had a cattarach (may not be spelled right) , told to rest up but couldn't resist some lovin once I got home.
    I think it is the survival instinct telling us to breed when under threat?
  2. marcot

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    I think you will be ok ....They are referring to proper sex with another person
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  3. Campbell

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    Shows remarkable restraint, waiting till you got home, well done. (y)
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    I really was concerned when I saw the title that @kneedeep had started this thread!
  5. which hospital i want to book in
    and they said the nhs was crap
  6. Maybe my wife being a nurse helps.
    She loves it when I go private.
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  7. so mine but its only one a month on play night
  8. Alicecow

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    Probably to do with not putting pressure on the stitches in case they burst, which would be very messy to sort out.
    Possibly the increase in blood pressure may not be ideal if you had a general anaesthetic.
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    You had a cataract??!!
  10. Yes, I know why in practical terms , the point I am making is what is it about us that makes us want to 'get it on' after a medical procedure,However minor.
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    Simple. You are a horn bag.
  12. The reason that your doctor told you this is that the incision needs time to heal. If you have sex or engage in other physical activity, you run the risk of putting to much stress on the delicate new tissue, which could lead to a bad scar or, worse still, rupture of the incision
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    You've been looking at the ooooh section in hospital !
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    I've really got quite an interest in this thread.
    Also an anecdote, trouble is there'd then be a new thread........

    Divorce after an op.
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    It's a fact that an impending illness increases my "drive". The Mrs always says "I'll bet you go down with a cold this week", and she's usually right.

    I reckon it's a survival of the species mechanism, like grass bolting in the drought.
  17. You've not understood my drift, see Dr Wazzock.
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  18. I reckon you are brave to 'go down with a cold'
    Might get a runny nose.
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    They give viagra to stop you rolling out of bed ?
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    Apparently the medical reasoning for feeling rampant after being in for an operation is to do with your pubic hair being shaved off. Your dick looks twice as long......!
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