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    Struggling to get a foot on the farming ladder, want to milk your own cows and be your own boss?

    We are looking for a unique individual or couple to join our established family dairy farm in Devon. We are offering a full sharemilker role where you will reap the benefits of your hard work, full profit share commensurate with the number of cows you bring.
    In return we will fully involve you in all aspects of the business and will look to grow both yours and our stake. Alternatively you may wish to use this as a stepping stone towards your own tenancy.
    You will need to be passionate about dairy farming, knowledgeable and dedicated as this is NOT a job but a chance to run your own business.
    You will work hand in hand with the owners sharing all work and decisions equally.

    We currently run a flying herd of 9000l cows that are housed through winter and graze in summer. Calving is AYR with an autumn bias.

    All field work is undertaken by contractors.

    A 3 bed cottage is included on the farm.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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