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  1. I am thinking of building a new straw shed. Access will be from the side ( between the legs) it will be 20' bays, but was wondering if its possible to remove one of the legs and strenthen the 'pan'.? hope this makes sence???
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    Do you mean like in these photos with a leg missing? I think they call it hit and miss and it's common.

    hit and miss leg.png hit and miss legs.png
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  3. That's the one, can they do it on 20' bays? Only need to loose one post!
  4. Dragon

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    is it just me or when you walk in a large industrial you end up admiring the structure, especially with multi span (and a lot of hit and missing)
  5. quattro

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    Ive seen quite a few done up here you'd need to speak to your shed builder
  6. S J H

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    @Andrew had one done,
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  7. Andrew

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    Huntingdon, UK
    Yep, can easily do a 40ft span. Doesn't add more than a few hundred pounds either depending on height and location etc.

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    Also done here, 35 foot gap.

    WP_20150826_002.jpg WP_20151004_001.jpg

    Think it cost about £300 extra
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  9. 40' is a tiny span (y) be no problem

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