SHEEP books

Anybody recomend any good sheep books regarding modern sheep farming,

Got mate wanting get into sheep and wants read up on all current practises and sesonal managment.

Or anybody willing offer quick summary of the sesonal managment procedures and managment.

I written him rough plan ,same as i first wrote when joined here,but like here from the real sheep men!


Not a book but maybe a chat with the vet he intends to use? My vets run a 'flock group' where we meet every 3 months and discuss different topics which would be good for a new sheep-keeper as well as keeping up to date with the latest research. An hour with a vet doing a health plan and a calendar for the management might be money well spent.

Al R

Livestock Farmer
West Wales
I have an old book called “the veterinary book for sheep farmers” by David Henderson which although was written in 90? It’s got seriously good information on most illness’s and general sheep welfare etc, I think it’s 750 pages but is a must have I think, sometimes i might go 6 months without opening it and then other times it might be open daily.

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