Sheepdog walks home


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I don't really know any more than what's in the article tbh. I know the family involved and for those of you who have heard of Rachel's Dairy, Shan who's in the video is Rachel's daughter.


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Just read it. Seems a bit unbelievable somehow.
I bred a litter of collie x years ago, a friend had one, at the time she lived with her mother, who disliked the dog, so her father said he would have it, he lived in a pub, the dog got out of the large high walled yard at the back, and dropped down onto the canal bank, from there just a short walk to the M62, where it was spotted at various locations on the route back to home, it stuck to the verges all along the M way, police picked it up at the slip road nearest home, it took him 48 hrs, he was lean, tired and had v sore paws, just after that short journey.

They can do it, this dog looks damn fit for his long journey.


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I bought a sheepdog admittedly only two miles away, I did Everthing to keep the dog here but was having none of it, for years after I visited that farm the dog would run and hide until I left
Truly remarkable considering some of the busy roads in the area to the north of here. I can't imagine he'd hav made it all that way cross country, too many fences or hedges to push through


I lost a bitch gathering a hill that neighbour had rented, about 25 miles away. Spent half the next day up there looking for her. 3 wks later she turned up at a farm I'd done some tailing at where she'd been with me. They'd seen her trying to cross a large river for 2 days before they caught her.
It's a lovely story but as mentioned above a few times the dog looked very well and well fed for such a long journey...At the risk of sounding extremely cynical I think two people fancied their 15 minutes of fame and have concocted this story...if it's genuinely true then it's truly remarkable

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