Shortage of good staff


If you've a family, once you factor in childcare and the cost of getting to and from a job - especially one that may not have any clear career progression - you can see the lack of appeal.

With the rural nature of farm jobs, I'd not touch one that didn't come with a house. And a house that was dry and well insulated at that.

A job at £15/he sounds great. But take off the tax; the diesel at £1.75/Lt; the car to get there and back; the extra childcare because they won't let you work flexi or from home part of the day; pension contribution; etc.
Two of my brothers work in a quarry,they don’t get flexi time,one was in on Sunday morning last,I’d sooner employ a pair on agreed times than one full time,my tanker driver works 4 days on 4 days off,it works well.
I see loads of ads through the usual big websites. I fully believe the boot is now on the other foot for businesses now. If people aren't looked after, they walk. It's not rocket science.

I would love £11+/hr for healthcare work but that won't ever happen. They would rather pay agency staff £16/hr.

There will be plenty of people looking for a job soon.

Big recession looming

Lincs Lass

north lincs
This will soon alter when the recession kicks in,in a month or so.i know one well stabilised building firm locally with zero work on the books and enquiries are drying up.been ok when people had covid cash to spend but that’s now gone.can see later in year plenty of people will be looking for work
Materials prices jumping every week ,now white deisel in the builders machinery ,all the other price hykes,,nobody has got anything to spend on building work now ,,just living is costing too much.
Had two jobs cancelled yesterday ,,customers couldn't afford it.
I've been at home all week, nothing to do
You look after your good ones. When the good ones start going the other way you need to scratch your head and have a think about things,

We used to employ misfits from the 2 other major players in the area. Crashers ....Sticky fingers... Not -rights etc. No end to them coming down the belt to employment.

All of a sudden the belt ran the other way... The better ones were going to the other 2 major players.

Pandemonium... Driver Shortage... Management's answer was 30p hour still £3-4 hour short of the others and new design Jacket... I left shortly after and told them they had no idea when we had our "chat"... They actually agreed with me that it was all f**ked up and time for a head wobble to determine the factors why they couldnt recruit.

Shortly after there was an agency advertising for 200 Drivers for them..... Then a few weeks later they made the national news owing ££££££££s


Arable Farmer
Two of my brothers work in a quarry,they don’t get flexi time,one was in on Sunday morning last,I’d sooner employ a pair on agreed times than one full time,my tanker driver works 4 days on 4 days off,it works well.
Indeed. If I were younger, I'd suspect Mrs teslacoils and I would have moved to the farm in Perth, Australia, and probably done a few years FIFO driving dumpers in a mine.

The difference in rural recruitment round here is the wages are crap and the costs of transport and wrap around childcare. Add in £1100 a month for a two bed balsawood box for rent and council tax and the dosh soon goes.

By crap I mean you won't get many chicken catchers at £11/hr when you can get £12/hr as an apprentice at the crisp factory.


Mid Hampshire
I’ve recently employed a new guy.

He’s a machine- I’m a bit worried the job is too small for him. He’s used to working on a big dairy place in the Westcountry but has come this way after moving in with a local girl.
I keep reminding him that it is ok to take half an hour for lunch, and yes he really can go home at 5.30 if we’re not too busy, and no he doesn’t need to drop in on his weekend off ‘just to check up on things’.
A nice problem to have.

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Man fined £300 for bonfire-related waste offences

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Written by William Kellett from Agriland

A man has pleaded guilty at Newtownards Magistrates’ Court to waste offences relating to a bonfire next to the electrical sub-station on the Circular Road in Newtownards, Co. Down.

Gareth Gill (51) of Abbot’s Walk, Newtownards pleaded guilty to two charges under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, for which he was fined £150 each and ordered to pay a £15 offender’s levy

On June 25, 2018, PSNI officers went to Gill’s yard, where they found a large amount of waste consisting of scrap wood, pallets, carpet and underlay.

Discussion with Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) officers confirmed the site...