Shrove Tuesday Milk Demand

Discussion in 'Dairy Farming' started by kfpben, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. kfpben

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    Mid Hampshire
    If, as an average, around half the population eat at least one pancake today does that mean a big one day spike in milk (and egg) demand?

    If so how do the dairies cope? Does anyone know how much demand goes up by?

    I was listening to the radio going on about Pancake Day today and it made me think.
  2. vulcan

    vulcan Member

    Don't no but the vegans must have a crap day googled vegan pancakes and they look crap had mine this morning for breakfast was been healthy with the wife and kids had them with fruit. IMG_20180213_085102062.jpg
  3. upnortheast

    upnortheast Member

    We notice no difference, our egg supplier was saying the same.
    The punters probably buy a ready mixed pancake brew from b*****y Tesco et al these days
    A quick seach shows frozen ones available
  4. farmerste

    farmerste Member

    i bet half the population dont even know how to make pankake mix anymore,everything comes out of a packet nowadays
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  5. kfpben

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    Mid Hampshire
    I’ll put myself in that category after my embarrassing effort last year. My pancakes ended up with the taste and consistency of a tractor tyre.

    My other half has relegated me to the washing up this year while she does the cooking!
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  6. mo!

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    Pancake mix: just add an egg and milk...WTF!
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  7. Boysground

    Boysground Member

    Our milk consumption has gone up by a pint today. That’s less in the tanker tonight. My milk processor may be on the phone tomorrow wondering where it is. Smaller cheque for me next month:(

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