Silage / Straw / Hay Price Tracker


Crikey some hay on there made £1200 for 20 six stringers and one chap had lot after lot of 50 4ft round wheat ,£1500 each lot. Fodder beet was hard work
No not really , i expect someone had there heart set on it. Might have been the horse brigade who wanted a small lot. Fair bit of the silage that sold made £20/bale which surprised me, i suppose buyers had to meet the reserve to be sure of getting it
If it was good gear it wants to be that. Too much shite about diluting the job imo.

Some around here gets cut once per year and not grazed. However good it’s got it must be rum stuff

Guide your way through spring agronomy decisions

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The incessant and extreme wet conditions are now presenting huge challenges for every farm’s spring agronomy and cropping decisions.

Plans are being urgently reevaluated and rejigged to set priorities for treatment, with a watchful eye on deadlines for timely spring crop establishment when a window allows. And all against a backdrop of potential damage to soil structure to fields from traveling in waterlogged conditions.


Lessons learned from last year have proved invaluable, with the latest Syngenta Spring Guide giving an insight into some of the tips and ideas to help with this season’s decisions...