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Simtech metering thingy

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Machinery' started by hendrebc, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Just placed a order for a simtech grassfarmer drill this morning and was asked if i wanted a thing on it to measure how much ground ive done. Probably had a proper name but my sleep deprived brain cant remember it :rolleyes::sleep:
    Was told i can either have a simple mechanical one which i have to get off the tractor to check and work itnout from there or can have an electricronic one in the cab. Simple appeals to me but am i missing something? Is the elecronic one a lot better? My tractor is pretty basic doesnt have any way of doing it from that with gps or whatever but does have a plug to put screens on if i decided to use one.
    @Yale @GTB
  2. I’ve specked the mechanical meter.

    Idea being put say 5 acre of grass seed in box then can jump off tractor and estimate seed left versus area covered by drill.
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  3. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    Sounds like a simple area meter. How much extra was the electronic one?
  4. General-Lee

    General-Lee Member

    Are you meaning a metering wheel mechanical, or electrical. Or an area meter?

    @neilo you got a Simtech?
  5. I didnt hear exactly because thebloody dog was barking :mad: but it was a few £100 more. Not a hell of a lot i dont think
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  6. To be honest the area meters are maybe more use for contractors sowing part areas so they can bill accordingly.
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  7. Thats what i thought too
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  8. Im not sure. Not really a machinery buff :bag:
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  9. neilo

    neilo Member

    My old one came with an electronic area meter, with a box that goes in the cab and a sensor wired onto the chassis. It counts the number of rotations of the rear roller IIRC, then works out the area covered (assuming you've calibrated it properly). I've never even plugged it in and didn't have one on my replacement drill.

    I guess it might show you how much you've overlapped/missed, when you drill 6 acres of a 5 acre field.:D Ignorance is bliss sometimes though.
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  10. Shutesy

    Shutesy Moderator

    I'd perhaps stick with mechanical, nothing electric to stop working because of dodgy wire etc when your trying to get on!
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  11. Thats what i thought too. My current drill was built in 1956 and the area meter still works on that so id expect a mechanical one to be more reliable than an electronic. Simple appeals to me :unsure:
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  12. Kiwi Pete

    Kiwi Pete Member

    Owaka, New Zealand
    I would go for the mechanical job, put the few hundred £££ towards a wireless reversing camera in the seed bin so you can see how low she's getting "on the run."
    Really handy for turnips and other low rate, small seed drilling
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  13. Thats a really good idea id never thought of that (y)
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  14. hally

    hally Member

    The camera in the hopper is money well spent, it takes away those arse twitching moments drilling small seeds into the last acre of a field next to the main road.
  15. cheggars

    cheggars Member

    As someone told me otherday always start by the road and drill the same way as it. Never towards it.:whistle:
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  16. where is your pride man? ALWAYS started next to the road and to and fro, only ever about 0,5 inch out max but was a lot younger in them days (not as wise then)
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  17. Cheesehead

    Cheesehead Member

    When we've cultivated a field we use an old trailed grey Massey box drill that connects to the 3pt linkage. My dad found that doesn't work on a field with a bank he also found not only does it pay to make sure the check chains are tight so that when going across the slope it doesn't move 3/4 of a foot down the slope he also found out it pays to check which wheel marking to drive to as other wise it shows really well on a slope just like a painting on the wall and everyone takes the p...

    Admittedly several thought it was my first go at doing the seeding (n)
  18. Sprayer 1

    Sprayer 1 Member

    I have the elec box but found you have to calibrate it for different conditions, soil gives a different reading to grass so don't bother now on my farm ,just put it on when doing for others.
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  19. rob1

    rob1 Member

    do you calibrate it differently too then ?
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  20. JD-Kid

    JD-Kid Member

    if it's like the one in my drill it's just a simple total area and trip counter on off display unit handy to know when to check box if set up right
    most in to cig lighter or 12 volt outlet wired back to sencer on input shaft
    mechanical one OK just can't be reset in a lot of cases so a bit of maths to work back paddock size
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