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Since the Dating thread has went wayyyy off course it was suggested a new one is started where (single) members can post a picture, birth date, and a brief description of what they do and where their nearest big town is, interests etc and that they are single and open to the idea of dating.

Please don't let this go off course with random chatting as that way people's genuine posts become lost :( no comments, profiles only. If you want to then chat to someone PM or head over to the "farmers dating" thread where there is already ALOT of random chat!

#justcallmecupid :love:
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Mixed Farmer
East Essexshire
I'll transfer my infamous selfie from the classic machines thread until I find something better.

Age, location etc are all freely available on my profile.
Arable & beef farmer

I'm breaking the no comment rule so will delete this soon after but interests....looking for....??
Interests and hobbies, tug of war. ...... and farming stuff!
Looking for, a woman. Good breeding potential required, preferably no calves at foot.
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Hi everybody! I see I'm late to my own party! Cheers mr Bovrill! At least I'm not at the bottom of the pile now! Ha ha
I'm Davie Harris, the picture is of me, and freshly taken. More than a passing resemblance to Shrek wouldn't you say!
Born 19-04-1980, makes me 36 I think...
Nearest town is Pitlochry.
Very much open to the idea of dating and meeting new people.

When I'm not raking about on TFF I can be found in my shed up in the hills welding or pulling machines apart and putting them back together again.
I farm, cattle, a few sheep and a few pigs and I aim to sell it all direct to the users.

Get stuck in with the chat on the other thread, there are people on there not dating but they contribute a great deal, DO NOT BE SHY! GET A WORD IN, GET NOTICED, DONT BE OFFENSIVE OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE!

And take what country lassie says about me with a pinch of salt...

Enjoy David.
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Livestock Farmer
Alberta, Canada
Since I'm so far away I figure I needed all the help I can get so I got a professional to write my profile. Cheers to @Boothy, may you all be so lucky as to have him write yours! And it's even mostly all true! :eek:

He also chose the photo. I can only guess why :rolleyes:


Hi I'm Canada goose Angie I live too far away from the creeps on here but putting myself out there to meet my mounty in red uniform! I'm 28? And have my own cows cat and dog! They are mine, I got the receipts to prove it too! I drive a new Jeep truck as Canada makes nothing but maple syrup and cranberry juice (y)

I have weird taste in foods such as syrup on bacon and chips in milkshakes :LOL:

I like to ride out on rodeo drives and like line dancing and shindigs! I have several tattoos main one being a maple leaf on my arse cheek ;)

I have attached the best pics I could find to show you all my best sides.

Regards Angie
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Old dog

Cheshire England
7257261[3] (2).jpg

Sold as seen, no refund can be given..
This truly amazing offer can be found in Cheshire it's age is 45 but the body work does look older but the mental age is alot younger ? It will answer to most names but responds best to Mike ...New owners must be aware that due to a long working life on farms this product may smell in hot weather or next to open fires !
If your looking for a project to keep you occupied during the long winter nights then this is for you....?

Open to offers



Ross, 28 from Sunny Cornwall. Outside of managing the dairy farm I enjoy most sports especially going to the event live.
I love listening to music - anything from Stereophonics , Killers and George Ezra to Chase and Status, Pendulum and Skrillex and most things inbetween.

I like to walk my dog, Maisy. She's a Jack Russell but I think she takes me off for a walk before abandoning me for the first footpath walker she spots.

Tea drinker, brown sauce fan and I hate socks.

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