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  1. So. It very much looks like the Pro12 is having 2 South African teams inducted into the league in time for this coming season.

    I'm excited at the proposition of new competition in the league, but not sure this is the right way forward for the league.

    But, the most important developement is the Italian club Zebre has gone bust, and been taken back in hand by the IFR.

    The current debate is wether the Pro12 is becoming a Pro14 - with the league split into 2 groups of 7 (something which IMO will kill it from a fan/spectators point of view). Or wether the 2 Italian clubs will be removed, keeping the league as the Pro12 with the current format continuing.

    Currently, the IRB are holding meetings in Italy about this, and looking for an answer.

    All very interesting.

    The reason I posted in here, instead of starting a new thread is:
    If the 2 Italian clubs are removed from the Pro12, you have to assume, sadly, that Italian rugby is going to go backwards. This could well be the beginning of the end for Italy in the 6N.
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    Knew about the SAFFAs and the possibility of a Houston franchise. Not heard about the Zebre implode though anything is possible. Soup rugby is shedding 1 Aussie and 2 SAFFA teams. There's background noise about a German and a Georgian franchise starting up. To my mind the whole thing is in danger of becoming unwieldy.
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  3. Agree.

    They are talking that the 2 SA clubs will do 4 travels, of 3 weeks at a time, to play the other clubs. They are also talking of having 'home' games in England. It will kill the clubs fan base IMO.
    But, the 2 SA teams are, supposedly, bringing huge TV revenues with them - said to be worth around £1million to each club in the league, every season.

    My worry is the potential of two 7 club groups. Edin and Glasgow will undoubtedly be split up - a huge mistake, as the 1872 is pulling in big crowds. The Christmas-New Year double header has been so successful over the last few years. The Pro12 already made a mistake moving the return game to the end of the season.

    I only learned of Zebre today. Quite sad to hear, but I am not surprised.
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    its not about rugby it the tv audience they are after
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    Sure I read somewhere that Edinburgh and Glasgow will be opposite groups but the 1872 cup would be played separately (may even have said over 3 matches) but can't remember where I saw that.
  6. But if the rugby is affected, the fans will stop going... and the ones who watch on the TV simply switch off. When they switch off, the TV deal disappears and the product will die.

    If the league dies, so does the development of Wales, Ireland and Scotland.
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    The problem with the pro 12 is the standard of rugby sometimes. there's no point in an under strength leinster side coming over and getting heavily beaten by a full strength osprey side for example, nobody is gaining anything the fans dont want to watch it, the players on either side of the result aren't gaining either they'd be better of just playing each other once in a season like super rugby and putting full strength sides out, the welsh premiership is the most important league in wales that would then be a higher standard developing players for the future, I'd guess the same would be said for Ireland and Scotland.
    The pro 12 would be a better product to sell to tv and the stadiums would have a lot more bums on seats
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  8. So that's it, the Pro12 is now officially the Pro14.

    2 conferences of 7 teams, but each team will play every other team at least once. 1872 looks to be moving to a "best of 3".

    The SA teams are NOT eligible for European Rugby competitions.
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    Any idea when the conferences and fixture schedule will be released?
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    On paper it looks good, lets hope it works out and we get a better tournament than the old pro 12
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  12. I think it'll work pretty well.

    From a Scottish point of view my biggest concern/interest is the Edinburgh-Glasgow fixtures.
    The last few seasons these had became a festive fixture and something fans looked forward to, on Boxing Day and at New year's. They were beginning to pull large crowds. I would hate to see that momentum lost
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  13. Please see thread re Tractors for Doddie.


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    I really cant believe something like that has happened at rugby club
    On brighter note I'm pleasantly surprised with gatlands selection for the autumn
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    west somerset
    Kin hell. :eek::oops::banhappy:.
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  18. Just home from Murrayfield...
    Very proud of the boys tonight. Unbeaten in Europe still. Winners of their group and secured a home fixture Quarter Final. All with a game spare still to play :cool:

    It wasn't a great game, really - despite how it will read tomorrow, no doubt. Alot of silly errors (handling). They had to overcome a strong pack and a defensive line which was really tight for almost all of the 80, along with the Ref and Touch Judge on the East side touch line, as they did their best to help Stade Francais - constantly ignoring blatant, repeated, offsides. Over turning 3 lineouts which were Edinburgh's, claiming they somehow took a touch off an Edin player before going out - this was clearing kicks from in Stades own 22!! Nobody around where I was sat could fathom the decisions, or how they came to them.

    But the result stands, the Black and Red army march on :cool:
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    Considering they're having to raid kindergartens to find someone/anyone to fill in at THP that is an outstanding result. WTF has happened to ALL our Scottish front row players:scratchhead:

    Bloody frustrating as we have unprecedented strength in depth everywhere else now
  20. It's a big injury list up front... the last 2-3 seasons has been a real war of physicality and it has sadly taken its toll. Sutherland is back, though. He, McCallum, Bryce and Shields all played well last night.

    It's not quite as impressive a win when you see Krasny Yar actually beat Stade Francais, whilst Edinburgh scored an aggregate of around 150 points past the Russians with almost no reply (scored nothing in the first game and IIRC they scored 2 penalties in the 2nd game).

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