Sky Easy Drill


Morning Guys,
Has anyone found any good or bad points about the sky easy drill? it looks a good drill, but not much in the way of covering the seed in a wet time?
Theres just too much choice out there
Cheers in advance

Michael S

Arable Farmer
Matching Green
I have used 6m and 8m Moore drills, which the Easy Drill is a rip off of, for almost 30 years and would say that in tillage situations there is not a problem covering seed. In no-till you need to keep the speed down to stop excessive soil throw from the discs leaving seed uncovered.
Running a 6020 hd e drive. Using it direct, min till and cultivated situations. Puts the seed in well. Needs a firm seed bed in a plough cultivated situation. We’ve had a few issues with electric coulter shut offs. But sky have been very proactive in sorting them. As said above it’s a more refined version of the Moore.
New narrower coulter coming through which will help in stickier conditions.

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