Small engine driven water pump

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  2. Looks ok to me.

    A 3” bore will have way, way less frictional loss along the pipe, than a 2” pipe.

    For that size of portable pump 3” is about the biggest you can reasonably expect to go.
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    Scottish Borders
    We have had a few like that,cheap but they only last a year or so as they break the end off for crankshaft were the impeller drive's from
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    The flow rate chart for that pump says it will work at that head, assuming minimal frictional losses through a 3" pipe it should be fine.
    (someone more educated on such matters should be consulted before using my assumptions)

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    Hire first, then decide ...............
    Hire as close to the spec of the above pump, as you can

    Wonder can you get replacement crankshafts for them?
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  8. Total static head = 10m - (-2m) = 12m

    Approx. frictional head loss of 150m of 75mm pipe = 18m (according to frictional loss calculator for 55 cube/hr of flow)

    Total differential head needed at pump = 12m + 18m = 40m 30m

    Pump has 34m of head in total (8m suction + 26m Pressure)

    Edit - doh! can’t add up!!! 12 + 18 = 30!
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    @Pheasant Surprise
    The part that puzzles me, I presume flow rate drops as head rises!?
    Does this mean the friction loss in the pipe drops or does the shear weight of 3" of water in a length of pipe stop flow.

    My 2nd thought , if pump not capable, would it manage if had a 2nd pump at 75m?
    What problems would this create?
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    Like the idea of hire 1st easiest way to see if works or not.

    I would think replacement crank be available as most copies of yanmar style engines. But cost of replacement crank and work involved probably means engine be scrap
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  11. So for a given size/smoothness of pipe the frictional loss increases as you increase the flow. Try it in the calculator for different flow rates. You must assume a flow rate that the pump can manage as per below.

    The Hyundai pump head vs flow diagram assumes just static head (as they don’t know about what length /size pipe your using) so that is the theoretical volume of water the pump will shift for a particlular static head.

    The total dynamic head @ the pump = frictional loss (of pipe at said flow) + static head.
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