So much for market forces......


Bay of Plenty NZ
A tad simplistic ,climate and scale of production will have as much if not more to do with it.
A tad simplistic maybe but having farmed in both countries I view it as fairly accurate, there is no doubt that climate and scale do help to keep production costs low although I believe the main reason NZ can compete and compete well on the world stage is the marketing structure that is in place. the UK does not have anything close to it, in fact from what I see it just doesn't have one at all.


1. I dont think the entire world supports their farmers by giving them funny money. You may wish to research that.

2. I don't think Ireland can actually afford the money either, and what good is 19 pence a kilo to anyone?
19p kilo can be the difference of profit or not for a lot of us beef men , it’s a brutal tight way to derive a living.

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94: Advice around establishing herbal leys

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In this episode, Danny Fanning, a Masters student from University College Dublin spent a two month placement at AHDB looking at Herbal Leys. During this time he spoke to Ian Wilkinson of Costwolds seeds about his farming practices and how he manages his herbal lays.

* Please note this episode was filmed outside, so in parts it can be...