So who is supplying module plants to small growers now?

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by Devil's advocate, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Just received an email that Farringtons of Hesketh bank are no longer supplying small growers with module plants.

    Well me anyway, and certainly not due to payment problems on my part. My order is a very diverse one with lots of varities. I suspect full stillages of one type collected would still be possible.

    A pity because they did supply an excellent service. The email says due to the shortage of labour to sort out mixed stillages. I always thought the service was too good in that we could have as little as one tray of any plant type. If say there was a list we could choose from on certain dates it might have been a compromise.

    I do hope this is not down to idiots not paying their bills on time.

    However Farringtons know & understand their business, so I can only thank them for the good service I've had in the past.

    Anyone else offering this service, there must be a demand with the number of farmshops in the country?
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    Try quantil ormskirk lancs they supply a lot of module plants
  3. Thanks

    Stewart at Farringtons recommended them too, seems I'm only slightly too small for Farrington's. Just grow too diverse a mix of crops.
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    Delfland do single trays via their online tray shop, but they are organic and there is a premium of course.
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    Depends how slightly too small you are but couldn’t you increase your order and sell the surplus?
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  7. Thanks Kidds

    My bill is well above the threshhold, its just that is made up of approx 60 batches all too small. 100,000 plants in total if say one crop no problem. In fact 20 batches would be ok, but I need 60 for good reason in fact 100 would be better.

    I sort of slip between commercial production & gardening. Too small for one too big for the other. The correct modern insecticide application with Verimark is very important to me.

    Not sure I could sell the surplus either as plants or mature crop.

    I'm optimistic of finding a supplier.

    If not I will precision drill on raised beds under insect drilling. If I went down that route my main concern would be fungal disease & slugs. The key will be removing the nets at the correct time & possibly using Minento one for 3rd generation root fly.

    I quite like the idea of drilling, I used to in the days of Yaltox & then Gigant. Would aim to drill each week with the same culivars to get a continous supply. As a swede grower I have all the kit. But no one else is doing it so slightly cold feet.
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  8. Err um

    There is also the small matter of the glasshouse, compost & equipment to apply Verimark. Could be used for other crops, I suppose.

    Who supplies machines like the above it looks expensive. Would enjoy reading up on such equipment though.

    Edit If I'm too small to buy plants

    I'm too small to do someone else's job, but what an interesting idea.
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    Did you sort yourself out in the end ? I may know of a seeder for sale if you were interested.
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  10. Thanks, what model is it.

    Yes after a lot of er uming a rival nursury accepted my order.

    Will consider precicion drilling under flea beetle nets in future, IF THE BIOLOGICAL ROOT FLY CONTROLS work. We have a Stanhay.
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    No idea of the make, the guy who used to grow our plants passed away recently and I know that the tray filler and seeder are for sale.
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