sodium to led bulb replacements for farm sheds

Discussion in 'Buildings & Infrastructure' started by Wjb7030, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Wjb7030

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    anyone converted these to reduce energy use/improve lighting?? if so what size led bulbs did you use???
  2. Hilly

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    Scottish Borders.
    Yes but i got a job lot cheap, think they are 250 watt slow to come on and cant turn them on for a few mins after they have been turned off, dont use near the ammount of electric sun floods use.
  3. Courier

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    50 watt LED floodlights - 1 per 100 square metres (10 x 10) provides a decent light in a shed at about £45 each .A workshop would need more.
  4. Wjb7030

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    was just looking to replace bulbs in current sodium lights that i have installed
  5. simon-0116

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    You need corn lamps with ideal internal fans if lights have glass polycarbonate lens as heat can't escape.
    Some will need a little bit of rewiring if ballast chokes go down
  6. simon-0116

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    Cowcare ?? On here sell them.
  7. Courier

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    Remember that a ballast within a luminaire uses a significant amount of power.
    Replacement of a 250w sodium with a 50w "corn" lamp may not actually reduce consumption by 4/5ths.
    A lighting expert would be able to work out the actual savings but it as long as it is cost effective then go for it.
  8. simon-0116

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    That's why it's best to take them out of circuit. But what lighting specialists don't factor into cost is labour.
  9. ridger

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  10. We've fitted some led cobs into some 400w high bays.
    Not bright enough for horse arena purposes.

    Had some massive 250w compact fluorescent lamps in other fittings, good and bright but very unreliable.
    The company sent 6 more FOC after we complained but the replacements were just as troublesome.

  11. Currently having some replacement LED fittings custom built for full replacement.

    Will post photos when they arrive.
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