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Have been invited to a meeting on Wednesday with Neil Fuller ( soil and nutrition expert) just wandered if there are any questions people would like to ask? also weather we could set up a soil and nutrition group and have 2or 3 meetings a year in a central meeting place I.e Birmingham area and invite the likes of Niel or Steve Townsend to discuss this would obviously need funding with subscriptions, let me know if any one is interested and I will try to set something up.


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What ever happens you will havewhat I call the Neil Fuller hangover,

Essentially he will fill you full of ideas that when he eventually leaves, you will have the seen the future, but then you wake up, the following day and say I believed what, etc,

However, gradually a little bit starts to stick and you will start to understand more

If you never met him , the first thing to ask is about is how the fertilizer industry got to where it's is today, Then take a deep breath and ask why you don't use Tsp, and how to improve phosphate levels ,
then ask about the calcium , magnesium balance , then when to apply potash , then and sulphur, AN or Urea,

Then over a coffe during the break ask why all men should take selenium supplements, and human health

Then ask about cover crops, and ???????

Enjoy, it's fabulous, I've met him no end of times and I always leave envigorated

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