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Discussion in 'Agricultural Matters' started by shearerlad, Jan 10, 2019.

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    Ok so give us a list of the dates on which you sent invoices and reminders then?

  2. The comments below seem to suggest it was legit, and there was a dog sold for that value

  3. Why should he do that?

    I find that a suspicious request. Made more so by your first response on this thread... wouldn't surprise me if you are the non payer in question.
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    Well, the way that ad was worded, regarding the value, is the mark of the man imo. What an arrogant banker
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    you Must be due a holiday pre lambing @shearerlad maybe a “lads” holiday ;)
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    Sounds like you need a new dog OP
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    A twenty year reunion of the tug o' war team(y)
  8. Ok guys I'm the person in question . You've all acted quickly as judge jury and executioner . Have any of you sat back and asked your self why it was stopped ? I feel that shearer lad has been a tad limited with the truth here as for all you chaps saying go down give him a hideing mm that doesn't worry me in the least . I have seen Stuart at the lochenhead shears in the last 3 years and had his money but he just skulked off ,if had admitted at the time It would of been sorted not a problem . To not just cheat yourself your workmates and my customers and think after everyone gave you the benefit of the doubt and still lie and come on here playing the hard done by person . If any one wants to contact me feel free as I have nothing to hide, and I'm up in March and happy to discuss this with you
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    Well this has got a whole lot more interesting.............
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    Thanks for posting Nick.
    Regarding Lochearnhead, the last three years, my wife and I have felt quite intimidated by you constantly staring at us. You also had plenty opportunities to say to be that you were willing to settle up. As to stopping the payment in the first place, I’m still in the dark about the whole situation.

    I sincerely hope that we can sort things out and put it behind us
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    I think we need a TFF jury sworn in.......will @Walterp be prepared to act as judge?
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  12. his summing up will be long
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  13. Lol , intimidated don't think so , you were told by a few folk to man up but there you go again acting the victim it doesn't wash as I said I will be up and willing to sort it out but your pish on here doesn't wash with a lot of folk who know you well.As far as I'm concerned this is my last post on this matter I have been straight and honest and if as I said folk want to know they can pm and make there own minds up
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    That's good. Sounds like your still going to get paid. 11 years later.
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    Regardless of circumstance my understanding is you can not legally stop a cheque without being in breach of contract

    If it’s been to small claims court already judgment has been made and their decision should be respected by those involved

    Please keep this thread civil or we will have to lock it
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    If someone did work for you, and you still haven't paid them a penny 11 years later, despite having had the opportunity to pay them in person multiple times since, then regardless of the whys and wherefores you are out of order IMO.

    If you accept you owe the guy his money, make sure he gets paid, end of.
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    So did you give him a cheque 11 years ago, say thanks very much for the work he did, let him head back up north and then stop the cheque, ignore his calls and all the other stuff?
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    Its good to you are brave enough to come forward on this matter. There are many people who are extremely shy of washing dirty linen in public , especially at a show. I have been there myself. You should have been the first to break the ice.
    It is easy for this to be sorted, I guess he needs the money which has pushed him to go public, so I would suggest @Highcountryshepherd that you send him a cheque asap with a small premium reflecting your usage for the past 11 years. If you do not have his address either PM him or send it to someone such as Clive to pass on.
    There is no possible excuse to delay this any further.
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    Why give the lad a cq then cancel it?

    A cq is a legal contract
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