Sorting gate ideas



I'm looking for sorting gate ideas for a herringbone parlour.

Block calving so for the majority of the time, not much sorting so a clean, quick exit is essential.

Exit will be straight ahead. Gate will need to sort and cow will then turn back on herself to handling area alongside parlour.

Any pics of the actual handling area and what's useful and what's not would be great too.

200 cow herd.

Looking at doing the same atm. The pic below might be of interest?


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Looking at doing the same atm. The pic below might be of interest?
That's roughly what we've come up with but obviously, the drafting pen, race etc runs back along the length of the parlour. Big gate mainly open but closed when necessary to force them to the sorting gate and operate from top of the pit steps. We'll have 7ish metres from end of pit to work with.

Just wondering if there are any other ideas.
I have guys coming out next week to look at where I propose to put mine, just to check that it's workable there.

What they were saying to me was you need a pen to hold at least 1 round of cows and enough space outside the door for at least 1 round of cows to allow them to mill around before going through the drafting gate.

That way, you won't have a backup of cows outside the door waiting for a shy cow to go through and delay the cows exiting the parlour and the cows stressing and dunging before they leave the parlour.


From my experience, the larger the holding pen the more accurate the gate will be.

We have one holding pen 3.5m wide x 10m and the gate catches 90-95%, plus they try and push the gate open (we have fitted a latch to it to stop them). A second holding pen is part of the cubicle shed and the gate catches 95-99% of them and they don’t bother trying to get back through the gate


East Devon
Keep them single file as they leave the parlour and have sort gate close so they don't have chance to baulk at gate and turn around
Is this an auto gate or manual ?

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