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    So I've taken on a bit of ground with power lines running across the land, 12 poles total (33kva) primary supply to the village and a single phase wire to a neighbour's water pump house

    I contacted sp energy once my offer was accepted and was abruptly told it had nothing to do with me as I wasn't the land owner and the previous wayleave details were protected under privacy laws , anyway now the ground is mine, I got in contact again and recieved the number of the wayleave department to call, ideally I would like to move the 2 pairs of poles nearest the road so I can put a road in without splitting the ground

    My question is, do I tackle this myself or is it best to contact a third party?

    I've added a map of my ground for referenced, circled blue is my boundary and you'll see the rest

    Thanks 20190114_110505.jpg 20181123_151719.jpg 20181123_152152.jpg
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    If you are a member of the NFU and want to tackle it yourself give them a call. I had a electricity problem and couldn't get a straight answer. One call to the NFU and had a phone call from sp energy and everything sorted within 24 hours.
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    Not a member of the NFU yet, is that the route of least resistance then?
  4. Albo

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    In all honesty if you can talk to someone that isn't a pleb at SP it helps, you might be able to sort that out without contacting the NFU. What dates are on the poles?
  5. RLSPlant

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    It have to check them?

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