Spanish influenza/the consumption

Discussion in 'Manflu Corner' started by ollie989898, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Finally got it and on day 9 so far. The two week, feel better in the middle, sweat all night and day, cough, sinuses, headache and green tarmac lung gunk disease.

    I cant remember feeling this weak. Taking pills like my wife eats lindt chocolates.

    Sounds like Holywell has it as well.

    Even had a flu shot in November and been taking daily vitamins for months. Doesnt work. Only thing that helps is good old opioids- codeine phosphate. Sleep hour after hour wake up randomly drenched in sweat. Balls to everything.
  2. Henarar

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    ZumerZet Somerset
    if its the same as we had it will take 3 weeks to get over it properly
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  3. tinsheet

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    west somerset
    Snap, fudging hard work in the middle of lambing:dead::poop:.
    Rest is defiantly the answer
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  4. waterbuffalofarmer

    So sorry to hear this m8 :( hope you feel better soon!
  5. Princess Pooper

    East Mids
    Definitely a case of man flu. If you reckon you've got consumption you need to get yourself to hospital and get on antibiotics for TB.
  6. RushesToo

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    Take drugs that stop the symptoms that bother you most as your head is as important in this as your body: snotty nose - use a decongestant, aching muscles - take a painkiller, probably helps to use an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen, tired -drink coffee or sweet caffeinated drinks. Once you stop feeling like sh!t you will still feel tired, but that is all. The disease will run its course and despite some contraindications as long as you are not overloading your liver you will do better than otherwise.
    The alternative is keep complaining - over to you....
  7. waterbuffalofarmer

    It may be worth getting chest x-ray just in case of pneumonia. My brother had that end of 2016 and was hospitalised for half a week. I'm thankful they got him in time, he would've died otherwise... So maybe best checking it out, eh? :)
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