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Spring barley Australia

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by TelesnaAg, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Well im havin a crack at my secind spring barley crop.

    Sown 1st nov (bit late) at 250kg ha, might go as a hay crop hence high seed rate plus allowing for bugs slugs grubs and birds...also msrginal germination.

    160kg ha DAP down the shoot

    Sown with cross slot 6" spacings

    Sprayed pironex insecticide over the top, weeds were negligble and on there way out.

    Im on my knees praying for rain...

    I plan to spray mn as soon as enough lraf is there, if i get rain...

    Urea is hard to time on storms so UAN will be used like last time, seemed to work well.

    Straw worth a fortune so not sure a sniff of pgr will be used?

    Net blotch biggest disease concern

    Lucerne flea biggest pest concern

    Gone into clover silage paddock.


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  2. Picked up 7mm last nite, much needed.

    Going to be a challenge to grow good crop on very little rain.


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  3. Badshot

    Badshot Member

    If you keep catching 5-10mm it'll be fine.
    Spring barley doesn't need a huge amount of water.
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  4. phil

    phil Member

    What Variety?
  5. Westminster, i wanted planet but couldnt get seed due to drought.

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  6. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    that needs rolled
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  7. Why?

  8. glasshouse

    glasshouse Member

    Seed to soil contact not good
    Poss too late now, will knock shoots off
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  9. 2wheels

    2wheels Member

    looks nice black dirt?
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  10. Swed soil contact not an issue with a cross slot, i keep the ridging to catch every bit of moisture as in summer can get storms. The centre of tge farm the soil gets like plasticine and rolling is detrimental to seedlings making it through.

    Pic is from day 6, still more seeds emerging,

    Sowing rate at 250kg is too heavy, i didnt bank on cross slot doing such a job.

    Had 10mm last 3 days now...its cranking along.


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  11. The whole block is not black, but it holds moisture, water table is only 1m beliw surface in spots at minute.

  12. Still more seedlings coming through, looking okay, got 2 bangers going for birds, drive me batty.


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  13. What plants per sqm do people target with late sown spring barley? I should land at 350 plus.

    How early can mang go on? I was planning 3 to 5 leaf?

    Cheers, Ant..
  14. Iben

    Iben Member

    Depends upon soil type and tillering ability.

    320-450 established plants for me. Mn can go anytime really from just emerged. I hate seeing so much hit the ground if going early, so wait till tillering. But depends how bad the deficiencies are.
  15. Can i put mn in with broadleaf spray and go at 3 to 5 leaf and snot some weeds?

  16. Iben

    Iben Member

    Yes. Some powdered mn can struggle to mix with some herbicides if I remember correctly, so do a quick test first.
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  17. I use over 250kg in late planted crops 100 days from planting to harvest
    had it go down but if harvest is dry and for feed should be no problem with a good harvester
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  18. This was sowed at 250kg, i thinl i will be around the 380ish for plant count, still got some coming up.

    Last time i sowed at 170kg, very late, 1 month later than this crop, went 5 t ha, i am aiming for 6.

    Was sown with 160kg DAP down the spout, into a Balansa clover crop that was nodulating, i use liquid n as impossible to time a rain here this time of year.

    Last crop that worked a treat, fine nozzle straight to leaf...it loved it...25L ha with 100L of water.

  19. shakerator

    shakerator Member

    Not hormones
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  20. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    This. Managanese makes any spray hotter and the younger the plant is the worse it can affect it.
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