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  1. The paleness is 100% associated with growth stage and id say transition from seed energy to roots, everything thats now at 3 leaf is green, some stuff changed in 24 hours...amazing. 120kg ha of urea goes on today, rain for next 7 days, weed spray asap...spray will have rapisol mn chelate in it...

    Depending on rain and tiller count a uan spray of N may go on if later germinating plants in thinner areas need an N boost to keep them tillering i will spray. Timing will be key here, hard when working week on week off 2000km away.

    Radial fungicide goes on after tillering, disease or no disease to try keep leaf green.

    Fingers crossed i can pull this off plus i managed to get insurance for this crop, hail & fire.

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  2. Picked up 25mm in last 3 days, im 2000km away so cant wait to get home to see how its advancing - got 120kg urea spread before rain.

    should get more rain next week - crop will be 3 to 5 leaf id say.

    Weed and mn spray is now priority.

    Text book start, plant numbers are there, should get it to tiller well i think.

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  3. The excitement of growing a crop is always a good feeling however many years you have done it for
    Not seeing a crop for a week or two always increases the anticipation of what it looks like
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  4. I spread 120kg urea last Monday - crop was abit pale and water stressed at 2 to 3 leaf stage - 3 leaf plants were looking good. It rained Tuesday and pretty much all week, had 30mm. How long before Urea kicks in on plants that small? Was also sown with 160 kg DAP side banded with cross slot.

    I get home tomorrow - a mate said its raging but still a touch pale? ive always used UAN misted onto leaf so first time spreading urea, i should have put some K in while had the chance.

    Mn chelate (rapisol) will go on this week in broadleaf spray.

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    Fen Edge
    It will be working now but will make MN def worse so crack on with that asap.
  6. Well got home.late this arvo, crop inspection.

    1. Anything thatbhad moisture and germinated early.when sown is flying amd healthy.
    2. Late germinating plants struggling but moisture is there.
    3. Oldest leaf is one with yellow, the new leafs are green. Even where it looks green if you look u can find some of the older leafs with yelow tip.

    Broadfleaf and mn will go on thurs ir friday.

    Overall, id like it to be more even but moisture is what it is, its definately only yellow in the dirt that didnt germinate when sown or if they did really struggled.

    There is moisture there now.

    Im one pic you can see 2 rows that are off colour, next to them is a wheel track that was wet when sown, chalk and cheese. The higher part of field with more loamy soil and less cover really dried out after sowing. We did have some hot windy days then as well.

    Cheers, Ant...
  7. Pics


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  8. Well got the broaflraf spray and mn chelate on today, pray i dont get crop damage.

    Has really come along last 2 days, urea has really kicked in.

    Meant to get 10mm tomorrow nite fingers crossed, if we do i will probably go for UAN at tillering with trace.

    Crop is 30 days old today.

    Anywhere from 7 leaf to 3 leaf in dry patches.


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    Keep N too it, spring barley needs to be driven
    What’s pH like?
  10. Its got 85 units of N, will get foliar shot if i get back home in time.

    Ph is 5.8, i wint apply more lime coz then chase snails the rest of your life, f**k that.

    Got 30mm last werk, 15mm saturday nite..

    The weedspray worked a treat

    Full profile of moisture, just need to stay on top of tillering where birds thinned a bit, should be enough for reasonable stand.

    Yellowing had all but gone as late germ is well into 3 leaf.

    Crop is 32 days old today, this pic isnt the most advanced stuff in the paddock.

    Cheers, Ant

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  11. Picked up UAN today and radial fungicide.

    Meant to get 40mm next 2 days

    Still some crop just coming into tillering

    Bit of ryegeass in spots, overall crops pretty decent.

    Will get better picks next day or so.


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  12. Got some pics, raining at moment, 90% of paddock awesome, 10% on high sandyish ground was suffering moisture stress, plus id say short of nutrients as in winter these areas are where the best crop is.

    Poor areas will pick up if i get a decent dump of rain.


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    Looks good
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  14. Got 35mm of rain, nice cool temps, havee full moisture profile and nearly 90% canopy closure.

    Liquid N this week fungicide the next...shut the gate as im all out of tricks. Unless there is something i should do when out in head?

    Alot of paddock i cant jam another plant in so i assume extra yield can only come from head size and grain size, in 2 row barley how many grains tall is good for spring barley?


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    the number of grains per head will depend on the density of the plants and there is nothing you can do about it anyway so just leave it be and cross your fingers

    you could do a nutrient leaf analysis if you want to see if plants are lacking in anything, generally from year to year it will tell same story so you don't have to do anything about it this year but youll have a good picture for next year
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  16. I got dramas, the crop has heads in sten that u can feel while tillering, heads pooping out, areas in mid to late tillering.

    I need to spray fungicide and UAN all in one brew? One agro say yes one not so keen?

    Going to have to be done tomorrow, crop has growin 250mm in 4 days, proper growing out if its skin, had 40mm rain, nice weather temp wise.

    No tram tracks, so will i crush more than o increase yield?



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    Fly it on
  18. phil

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    Mix it up and spray it on
    Tracks will likely recover
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    UAN will be like napalm if applied as a fine spray with the fungicide. How big is the UAN dose? What other ways have you got of applying it? Very late for nitrogen if you want to make malting grade.
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    Personally I would put the fungicide on if it were a uk crop, it certainly looks good in the photos. I wouldn’t bother with the UAN. Too late IMO.
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