Spring barley Australia

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by TelesnaAg, Nov 4, 2018.

  1. Spencer

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    North West
    I would be happy enough with that :rolleyes:
  2. I need to be able to get 3 tn acre average for when price is sh*t, which is most years...

    Cheers, Ant
  3. glasshouse

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    Whats the price now?
  4. Due to drought $380 aud

    Most years its $200

  5. Next Sunday - 40 degrees c
    Next monday - 43 degrees c

    Its cool at moment so hoping crop advances enough it will still fill ok. Also will pray for a storm afterwards.

    I will prioritize getting crop in a bit earlier next year.

  6. Day 72 no more rain sight. Bit warm too..some days 34ish, then back to 20 or so.

    Has enough moisture to fill for 99% of paddock.


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    Looks great (y)
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  8. Spring barley does grow very quickly
    A very rewarding feeling when the crop develops quickly
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  9. Day 86, will harvest day 110ish, dry January but thats summer, if i dont have spring barley in id get 25mm for sure in one go!!

    Looks like ive secured planet seed.


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  10. eagleye

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    co down
    looks good and 2 weeks away as you say, combine out and waiting!!!
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  11. Shes all washed up, serviced and ready to go, hopefully ill have time to build some decent dividers, the flex front dividers are useless for cereals.

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  12. Jim bean

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    Boneo AU
    How did it finish up Ant
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