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Spring crops really struggling

Discussion in 'Cropping' started by SilliamWhale, May 16, 2018.

  1. Mine started ok and despite warm days the spring barley is really not enjoying life Trying to convince myself its building roots but it looks like its going backwards as its so cold at night.
  2. Clive

    Clive Staff Member

    all crops need some rain here, getting very dry now
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  3. some of my barley is struggling because of too much rain and cold slugs and pre em damage

    what a variation a few miles makes
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  4. Its not the lack of rain here its the cold.
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  5. mo!

    mo! Member

    Ours have only been in a week and look brilliant. Winter and especially late winter crops look very poor.
  6. scholland

    scholland Member

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  7. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Spring crops here far better than winter, despite the lateness of drilling, and general lack of acres planted.
  8. Gone very dry here too. The wind and sun sapping the moisture out, although its not 20 deg today like yesterday
  9. Manganese and phostar.
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  10. silverfox

    silverfox Member

    Probably a good thing that we’ve only got maize and spuds this year.
    Maize went in on bank holiday weekend and was up a week later,so the ground was definitely warm enough.
    6mm of rain last night. Typical after I’d cut some silage .
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  11. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

    Was in morayshire yesterday and a lot of spring crops looking drought stressed. They'd had rain on Sunday and reckoned it was improving again.
  12. Chae1

    Chae1 Member

  13. Andy Howard

    Andy Howard Member

    Ashford, Kent
    Really tough spring here. Very wet before drilling in the last week of April. Then we got 75ml of rain as we finished drilling and flooded some fields. Then turned hot, 28 degrees and baked the surface. Then 17 ml of rain in 2 hours on Saturday. Will be glad when we get to harvest. Spring barley is the big loser. Drilled last as on wet clay then 3 inches of rain soon after drilling knackered some. Beans, oats, linseed look fine but taking ages to get away. Winter crops look OK. Hoping for a kind June/July.
  14. Douglasmn

    Douglasmn Member

    Badly need rain here. At this time of year I'd say our ground ideally would have an inch of water per week to keep things growing at their best. The weather really is the ultimate ball ache in farming.
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  15. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Whereas here 8 mm every ten days is all we need thanks.
  16. Happy

    Happy Member

    Perhaps you guys down south are now remembering why you went all winter cropping years ago now;)

    Seriously though, it's surprising how well Spring barley can do in these conditions. Far drier Spring last year resulted in roots going way down and rather than the disaster it looked like being this time last year set them up for record average yield.
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  17. Badshot

    Badshot Member

    I've some spring wheat that's not going to make it through the concrete the surface has become.
  18. SRRC

    SRRC Member

    West Somerset
    For the first time ever I've used the solid heavy rolls on seedbeds.
    The maize is so dry we followed the drill with it, partly to make sure the seed was firmed properly and partly for fear of poor weed control in the knobbly seedbed. Maize is very particular about it's quality of seedbed and no compaction so normally you wouldn't dream of going into it with a heavy roller.
    Did the same with spring beans back in April, at least they had some moisture deep down.
  19. franklin

    franklin New Member

    Now third time through linseed for beetles. FFS
  20. KennyO

    KennyO Member

    Things are looking well here now 20mm at the end of last followed by heat.
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