Spring Linseed Yields 2021?


Mixed Farmer
J11 M40
Some locally v bad, nothing in bolls.
My bit yesterday probably over 1/2t ac, cut very easily. Not heard of any doing a ton.


North yorkshire
Very similar here, 2t/Ha, going forward ,I think with N @ £1/ or so ,Linseed becomes a very marginal crop and will be kicked into the long grass for the time being.


Not good on the Cotswolds.Very few pods, I am wondering if some late frosts plus shortage of moisture at critical stage of pod forming were what has led to poor yields.


Arable Farmer
Loaded 12.3t on a lorry yesterday off 40 acre, and it’s off to be cleaned. 🙈
DD’d into a vastly flooded field over winter resulted in to many thin and bare areas. 😢Spr Linseed, very short flowering window due to spring weather.
North Notts
Just over a artic load off of 45 acres. Can’t remember the seed rate but I messed up and got too much on the first 2 rounds around the first 21 acre field, flashing lights were on on the combine on the second time around. Had to cut seed rate then and the second field, 24 acres it was 3 times around before the lights were on.

got some fss now so will up the rate if we drill it again.


Arable Farmer
Ours was cut and carted by a neighbour to into his store, we were full and busy cutting wheat.
I haven’t even got round to going to sample it, but he tells me it’s done about 2.5 t/ha. If it needs cleaning like last year then probably more like 2t/ha net weight.


BASE UK Member
About 2t/ha here.
There was a bare patch that got flooded early may, so would have been 2.5t/ha if that bit had been as good.
60kg/ha seed. 100kg/ha N.
It was very short this year. I don't know if that was the weather or a change in herbicides as we can't use bromoxonil any more.


BASE UK Member
Our yellow linseed may have done 450kg ac pods did not fill did not like the dry spells. Had 66ac on light land .
It was drilled on 250mm row width I think this to wide for linseed.

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