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Spring wheat DD

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling Crops & Agronomy' started by Warp Land Farmer, Jun 24, 2018.

  1. Warp Land Farmer

    Hazzard County
    Is it possible to get a good stand of spring wheat in a direct drill situation?

    Rule of thumb as I see it spring wheat wants to be in early but DD like a later spring drilling slot to let the land warm up so a potential compromise which ever way you go?

    Are any of the established DDers using spring wheat successfully in their rotation?
  2. tw15

    tw15 Member

    We grow dd spring wheat some pictures in crops around the farm section . Top tip put loads of seed on 250 kg/ha upwards .Home save don't recon it needs a dressing to be honest
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  3. Yes I DD spring wheat. Remember wheat can grow out of trouble more than barley. But its my last year of it this year as I don't need it anymore. I find it ££ seed wise

    Always looks better than spring barley I think it likes being direct drilled
  4. Warp Land Farmer

    Hazzard County
    What is your target direct drilling "month" ?? Have grown Mulika before under a mintill regime and didn't feel like I did the best job of it. I have a considerable % of spring cereal planned next year and didn't really want to put all eggs in the spring barley basket.
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  5. March or April if I have to. Personally I found the older spring wheat varieties to tiller more and yield better (but not milling) ie dandy, static, ashby etc.
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  6. As soon as possible. IE December. Any later than March and it's cuckoo corn.

    Drill it heavy if going in the new year. I doesn't tiller worth a damn.
  7. It’s only cuckoo if it doesn’t rain enough after drilling ?

    I agree the earlier the better but it wasn’t an option this year !

    Some pics of our dd wheat drilled 29 April @275kg/ha

    Luckily it rained after drilling & it’s just coming into ear now.....

    Fingers crossed now....

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  8. Tractor Boy

    Tractor Boy Member

    This cuckoo corn phrase is a load of tosh in my opinion when talking about DD. Maybe it was relevant years ago when Suffolk Coulter’s had no penetration and couldn’t get in the ground so all the seed was left shallow . I’ve been direct drilling barley,oats and spring wheat the last few years on heavy land and they have all done ok although admittedly no record breaking, and I have never been able to get them in before about 25th March as it’s been too wet for the 750a.
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  9. I don't see what difference DD makes. The crop simply doesn't have time to tiller if it's drilled late, believe me I have tried it. The only way to get sensible yields is to drill heavier. Didn't Lee try 600 seeds?

    Earlier the better with spring wheat. It always looks weird and does ok so I am all in favour of growing it on the cheap, so DD is right up my street. Spring barley is the same.
  10. Spud

    Spud Member

    Mulika spring wheat drilled direct (after a tickle with a dynadrive) with a 25yo Bettinson TC4 on 23rd April with 200kg/ha.
    Not got a pick of the Belepi, but think its got the edge over the Mullika.
    Plenty thick enough. This land is usually two ww, spring oats, 2ww, beans. Considering replacing the second winter wheat with spring, as a weapon in the bg war.

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  11. Drilled 20th April. Looks ok but thin. Last had rain 17 days ago and its thirsty now. Tybalt mainly 20180705_165538.jpg
  12. Spud

    Spud Member

    In a year like this, dd is the difference between success and failure, in spring crops anyway. Late sown because of constant rain, but drilled into moisture, it was up and away in no time. If we'd cultivated and sown conventionally, it'd of been a week later sown, into drier ground, and would of been patchier emergence, with a resulting less bg smothering, lower yielding canopy. What varieties have you grown? I'm suprised how this has tillered tbh.
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  13. Simon C

    Simon C Member

    Essex Coast
    Looks good Will, love the "mainly"
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  14. It looks good but I don't think it will turn out v special.

    I say mainly because I had a bit of Belepi my neighbour gave me and had some Mulika from last year too
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  15. I've grown virtually every variety, I don't think there is much in it TBH. All get mildew for a pastime and can get surprisingly leggy in a growy year. Always looks more promising that they harvest out at but in fairness none of the dirt in my area is very special.

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