Stacking bales on their base makes sense

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    I don't have many to cart but I cure in the field (5' 3-4''). I stack on flat side in barn 3 high then step in 1/2 bale. I have found that rushing them in will cause moisture to rise through the bale centres and spoil the top flat side with out field curing. Bales keep shape better stacked on flat side.
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  3. We leave ours out for a while if decent weather is due then stack them on end in the shed thus making the best use of shed area .
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    The photo by V8willey could be of my stack, exacly. Been end stacking on base with two layers on side above for countless years. Seems to work very well and is completely safe. Use double wrapping.

    Only disadvantage about top layers not being on end is there is less protection from birds in some years.

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