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I know there used to be a thread about this but cant find it, Has the price of steel jumped up in last 2-3 months, as in should a length of 50 x 50 x 3 box really of gone up by £6 a length for example? local steel stockist taking the p1ss a bit i think.

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I priced some up only last week, solid round steel bar not to bad but they were dreaming that a 2*1m sheet of 5mm should be £80+vat!! I only wanted to repair some worn digging buckets!!!


We've used Parkersteel at Canterbury over the last 40+ years - and recently they've been in danger of going bust. They ate up Yeowarts, CBA etc and sold themselves as a one stop shop for blacks, brights, sections and processing. Many of the staff didn't have a clue whether they were selling rounds, squares, box, sheet or bananas. Prices varied on who you were, whether you bought online or on the phone or who your 'dedicated sales person' was. It was a race to the bottom imo.

We use Acton Bright (for brights :)) and IMS for box, angle, sheets etc. Bright bar has been pretty stable but sections vary on what we're buying and when. Supply has been short too so I don't doubt that the general price increase on black flats and sections will only go up. Trucks are running half full too. The quality is evermore iffy. Bent or malformed sections are an everyday occurrence now. Once upon a time we used to moan if hollow sections came in to us from Belgium, they had large rads on the corners, black greasy and difficult to fabricate if you wanted square corners. But what we see now is appalling to be honest.

Forget good old British Steel or Dorman Smith & Long - the cr*p we get today will get ever more expensive


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