Stewardship Payments for 2018

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  1. Cosatto

    Cosatto Member

    I get the impression when I speak to them that a lot of RPA staff are just as fed up as we are with the whole thing - big difference of course is that it’s not hitting them in the pocket!
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  2. More staff man hours will be required to sort out the issues once the claimant has further compounded the issue!
  3. Hay Farmer

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    Anybody been paid yet? I haven’t. Was told by NE two weeks ago that I would automatically be paid 75% of my claim in April if no payment in March.
  4. grumpyoldman

    grumpyoldman New Member

    Exactly totally agree! Feel it's a computer says no scenario!
  5. Old Tip

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    Was told a lot of RPA and DEFRA staff have been pulled on to Brexit work so things are taking even longer than usual. I wrote to Mr Gove telling him what I thought of him and his Government. Anyway after a bit of being passed round the houses I got my 75% three weeks later. Still a joke that it was over six months late and they still mucked me about.
    At a recent meeting we asked DEFRA if any new scheme could be paid monthly so we didn’t have these issues. They said feed back fro farmers was against monthly payments which shocked me as I thought it was a big step forward
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  6. A cording to the yellow rag we all get 75% in April

    I have cashflowed for payment next year for 2018 stewardship

    But we should get interim payments an time with the final payment when the checks have been done
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  7. carpenter1

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    it would be nice to see some payment for last year
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  8. Payment in April 2019 for stewardship 2018 start applied for in 2017
    Paid application cost and rent in autumn 2017 rent and seeds planting and growing of cover crops lowimput crops made through out 2018
    A year later still paying rent and now 2019 crops and seeds
    The stewardship will not be cash positive till 2020 at the earliest
    Government goes on about big business and late payment they are worse than all of themput together
  9. I spoke to the RPA last week about our payment for June - December 2018 period which is due by the end of June this year & was told they’re still on with 2016/17 payments after which they’ll do 2017/18 & then the latest ones . From what I gathered there’s no hope of being paid ours by the end of June . At least we’re nearly up to date . This is for our ELS/HLS agreement .
  10. carpenter1

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    I spoke with my accountant this week, stewardship payment was discussed, I said he better tell them I am not paying my tax, until I am paid stewardship money for 2018. Do not think it will work. :mad:
  11. Frank-the-Wool

    East Sussex
    So much for Gove's promise about all being paid by the end of March!!
  12. Old Tip

    Old Tip Member

    Did you ever trust a habitual lier to keep his word, i dont
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  13. Cosatto

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    If only everything in life was as reliable as RPA breaking their payment promises!
  14. Raider112

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    Did everyone get the email a couple of weeks back about having to claim by 15th May or start getting penalties? we do capital works but this years work has 2 years to complete so it doesn't apply. I am a bit worried that they are referring to last years claim, which we submitted a year ago. We were told by NE that they had received it in a conversation back in September so unless they are dishonest or incompetent we should be ok but transferring it all to the RPA is a concern.
    I have emailed them for clarification over a week ago but so far have only had an automatic reply saying they are busy etc.
    Even if it was sent to everyone it's still concerning to be unsure if we need to claim over again.
  15. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    Yeah got that Claim form here but nevermind that where is last years 75% payment? & when are we to get junes payment, 2 weeks after BPS in dec ??
    what a shocking way to run a business
  16. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    South west
    No claims forms yet?
  17. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    I had a payment for Hls/Els scheme in December does anyone know when my next payment is due?
    I had an inspection for it in October and the inspector told me that at that time I hadn’t received any money for 2018.
    The payment was around 50% of the annual amount
  18. nonemouse

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    North yorks
    Got the final payment for my 2017 ELS/HLS lastweek, no sign of any money for 2018 and no claim forms for 2019 yet
  19. Martyn

    Martyn Member

    South west
    The claim form is online now in the stewardship section, i had to ring them to give us access. all looks quite straight forward.
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  20. Cosatto

    Cosatto Member

    Everything’s straight forward apart from getting the money!
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