Stewardship Payments for 2018

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  1. Had email last week saying bridging payment would be paid in April to those who had not had payment for mid tier scheme
    Did not expect to see it before the end of April

    Payment landed on Tuesday for 75 % of the stewardship so I assumed I had had the bridging payment this is for 2018 start mid tier

    But I may have had the interim payment but that should be for 60%
    When I get statement I will know better
    As there are not many reports of payments I am now not sure
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  2. Hindsight

    Hindsight Member

    Was in a farm office Thursday who had received in the bank 75% payment for a Jan 2018 start Mid Tier Scheme.
  3. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Thanks. I really need to find out off the agent where I’m at with these payments. I haven’t pursued the matter of investigating as I just accept it will only come when it comes.
  4. Cosatto

    Cosatto Member

    Those who have received 75% payments, who does it say it’s from?

    I’m asking because I’ve received something in my bank from : “ GBS RE RPA NO2 ACCOUNT” but it’s nowhere near 75% of my claim.
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  5. Cropwell

    Cropwell Member

    That is the account my 75% advance was paid from in January but is also the account used to pay me some more BPS money after questioning a 7ha underpayment, was your BPS less than expected.
  6. Cosatto

    Cosatto Member

    If it’s my 75% something’s gone very badly wrong as it would be less than 10% of the sum I was expecting! The only other thing I can think of would be FDM, has anyone received any of that recently ?
  7. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Miscanthus payment?
  8. Cosatto

    Cosatto Member

    FDM is the financial disapline mechanism, as I understand they withhold some of the BPS funds as a contingency and then when it is released we get these odd payments, I hope that’s what it is!
  9. Brisel

    Brisel Member

    75% bridging payment received here.
  10. Daddy Pig

    Daddy Pig Member

    75 % bridging here also
  11. Remittance advice from Rpa today stateing bridging payment
  12. Fingers crossed here... :rolleyes:
  13. marshbarn

    marshbarn Member

    Bridging payment here about 25% of 2018 Mid tier payment, Hope there is more to come:(
  14. Nick.

    Nick. Member

    75% payment here for Jan ‘18 scheme start date.
  15. ffukedfarmer

    ffukedfarmer Member

    West Kent
    Sod all here. Going to give them a ring tomorrow as I'm fed up with always being at the back of the queue.
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  16. livestock 1

    livestock 1 Member

    Has anyone had any payment from Hls/els schemes?
  17. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    Sweet FA & the RPA after 2 weeks still no formal reply to a well worded email reminder i sent them :mad:
    I wonder if i can technically end my HLS seeing there no playing ball then why should we ???
    Iam loathed to do this of course but come on we signed up to do our bit but they can do as they please?
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  18. wiggyv8

    wiggyv8 New Member

    Nowt here either , end of month they say don’t know if that’s a 2017 payment or 2018 but as long as they get their Easter holiday it’s
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  19. worker

    worker Member

    They will probably be on holiday tomorrow! Extra long weekends
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  20. Farma Parma

    Farma Parma Member

    am only owed the 75% that should have been paid last Oct/Nov nowt else, but then when they paying the 25% balance as its due by end of june this year? last years was paid mid dec?
    no other business would stand for this
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