Still waiting for WW seed?


Arable Farmer
Scottish Borders
My seed was delivered within 90 minutes of ordering, and in the drill 30 minutes later.
Admittedly it was pure luck, only 2 tonnes of new seed that they had sitting from a reduced an order, and they happened to be loading a wagon for my neighbour when I rang.
[Paul at MSP, Berwick ✅]


East yorks
Mine turned up this week, totally different day to the day they said it would be delivered on. Fortunately it was early evening so around to get him unloaded and it wasn’t the drivers fault. Should be in the ground by Monday evening


North yorkshire
No, fss Gleam, through the cleaner twice.


East Kent
Absolute nightmare with seed! Barley that would have been harvested 2 months ago still not delivered. Wheat that should have been in the ground on our light land still not delivered, therefore lost yield. More seeds needed now (who foots that bill?) Lies told, promises broken. Lots of FSS next year. The just in time culture appears to have hit the seed trade. Rant over


Mixed Farmer
We had some Insitor turn up six weeks after ordering on a low loader. The sheet covered the top of the load but the sides were a net(?). It was raining hard, the water was running off the neck and the bags were in a puddle. Red water pouring out of the bag. Rang supplier and sent photos, chased a week later and told "no more seed to send you mate".

Flat 10

Fen Edge
Regardless of the lorry driver shortage, the fact that we want to drill in october every year seems to have passed the seed trade by....... I'd have more hair if they delivered as promised.
Seed deliveries this year have generally been an absolute shambles. Once the seed has been delivered and drilled I will be seeking a rebate for late delivery which will have hit yield. All the trade want to do is shrug their shoulders and blame someone else, the orders were taken with a definite delivery date promised which has not been fulfilled. Unless there is some sort of financial penalty they will just do the same again. Anyone selling grain to a merchant for a specific date would be liable if they were unable to deliver.


Arable Farmer
It’s really odd hearing all these stories of early orders being placed, as a seed grower seed crops are leaving the farm later and later each year and we are told it is because people are drilling later and not ordering seed until the last minute. This year no seed wheat crops were collected before the last week of September.
At that point 1 variety was all cleared up (apart from 12t.)
2nd variety had notifications that 2 loads had been “released” but no news on actual collecting.
3rd variety not a dicky bird.

l'ordinary bonville

BASE UK Member
N Yorks
Home saved all mine this year. However, dressers came early to do the 12t barley.

Then came much later to do the wheat but would only do half.

Then came much later to finish off.

Each time they complained that they hadnt really time to do it. It did mean that we drilled 2nd wheats later than we otherwise would have done. Not altogether a bad thing

Total 49t. About the same as norma;

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