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hello there,
Having a dispute this end regarding how much stone is required for a pad.

Area is 9 x 40 metres

200 Mm of 70mm stone in the bottom

100 Mm of 40mm stone to finish the top off.

How much of each is required?

Much appreciated


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72 cube of the 70mm and 36 cube of the 40mm.
The tonnes answer depends on the density of your stone which could be 2 t to 3 t per cube. So the answer is a total of between 200 and 300 tonnes.
Sorry but you have to ignore weights and just use m3

Stone all weighs differently, best to deal by the lorry load, so long as the volume of lorry is full before Weight limit kicks in!


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I was sure it was m3 never delt in yards, concrete is 2.4 - 2.5 ton/cube when wet, that has sand cement and water added (they don't quite fill the "gaps" between aggregate but you can obviously add water to stone?)
That's a good point about the concrete, but Whinstone near us is heading for 3t per cubic metre, another quarry on softer rock was barely 2 t per cubic meter. Also these are my numbers for consolidated stone, not for loading a trailer.


As above, densities change depending on rock type and moisture contents.

As a rule of thumb, loose granular aggregate like 10mm pipe bedding is typically 1.5t/m3, uncompacted fills like sub base 1.8t/m3, very well compacted fills up to 2.4t/m3

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