Store Cattle Prices


what are people having to pay for good Continental x dairy and Native x dairy 12-18 month stores at the moment in the lump or by the KG?


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Native crosses depending on the breed and sex 1.70-1.80 and continental crosses 1.75-1.85 per kilo for strong stores. Both dairy bred
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400 kilo cont x dairy steers will be at least £1100/1200 currently!

280 kilo dairy bred 12 month old stirks are now making £840/70 head! ( steers )

And every week they are getting dearer and dearer!

The bottom will fall out of the job at some point but no signs of that happening for several months at least as the cattle are just not about!


I put £1000 in an inflation calculator in mid 90’s and it works out same price as we were getting then ! So we worse off today getting 1000 than we was getting 450 then as inputs are lot more .


i know its hard but farm your best land and put the rest in enviro scheme but how can we afford the kit for what we are farming? its got to be mend and make do!

Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

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Speculative coverage on the gene editing consultation response

Written by Defra Press Office


There has been coverage today in the I and the Guardian, reporting on speculation around the upcoming government response to the recent Gene Editing consultation, which closed on 17th March.

A full government response, which will include a thorough analysis and summary of the responses to the consultation and which will set out our next steps, will be published in due course.

Gene editing has the ability to harness the genetic resources that mother nature has provided, such as breeding...