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View attachment 820284 Any recommendations on cycling gear for a 4 year old? With a bit of padding and protection?

We did 12 miles today but at one point he slid off (too busy looking at peoples fields :cautious::rolleyes:) and he has quite bad road rash! Even under his T-shirt :facepalm:
He got back on and just blamed me :LOL: but I’d like to keep him a bit more protected, we’ve got cheap knee and elbow pads but he finds they pinch.
Google familybycycle they have a web blog and twitter accounts a family made up of parents and young children, i think they favour kit by HUPC for the kids.

To be honest anything strong enough to guard against road rash is going to be hot and uncomfortable to pedal in. He might just have to realise he needs to tell you stop to be nosey!!


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Haven’t spoken to them yet. It broke on holiday and I haven’t been back long. Inconveniently it seems I have some farming to deal with ATM!
Well they said it wasn’t a warranty issue. The shop said it could be repaired. But I think I will take the route of a new bike as I cannot see much mileage in argument over what is a hobby/keep fit. Call me awkward but my new bike won’t be a Giant.

s line

Had to take my mountain bike voodoo bizango back to halfords on Saturday. Two and a half year's old and the rear hub is worn out already. Luckily i brought a 3 year warranty from them, so labour is free and i get the part's 10%cheaper.


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Ride London completed it was quite an experience. Went really well for 1st 38 miles filled up the bottles then hit massive congestion so spent a couple of miles barely moving or walking. Thought it had eased by Newlands Corner but was then routed around Leith hill because of a crash.

Saw the aftermath of a few crashes. The road was just too narrow at times. On box hill I had the walkers on my left and the heroes on the right which left little space for anybody else. I was not surprised there were bumps, my friend was routed around Box Hill because of a crash.

After that it was easier as the roads got bigger and I had a really nice ride into London. It was a great day out and I now need to enter next year to see if I can do the 100.



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On the app go to the explore button at the bottom of the screen and search TFF Velo where it says "find a club". You should get the option to join from there. You will see everyones Strava name which I guess is usually their real name. Last time I looked I was the only Rob.


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