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Straw biomass burner recommendations

Discussion in 'Renewable Energy' started by JD6920s, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. Turra farmer

    Turra farmer Member

    The gf is 295kw
  2. Turra farmer

    Turra farmer Member

  3. mickatack

    mickatack New Member

    We sell Gizex straw burning biomass boilers for all types of straw and wood, the range is from 40kW to 990kW,.all are RHI accredited bar the 40kW unit.
    Give me a call if you are still looking and I may be able to help.
  4. scotston

    scotston New Member

    My dragon is magic. Must depend on the installer.
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  5. renewablejohn

    renewablejohn Member

    There is only one Puff the Magic Dragon and he lives by the sea.
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  6. scotston

    scotston New Member

    I know this as I live by a land called honahlee...
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  7. l'ordinary bonville

    N Yorks
    I have a dragon 370kw

    The whole farm now smells like an ash tray. As does the house if the wind changes direction
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  8. What are you burning in it?
  9. rollestonpark

    rollestonpark Member

    Burton on trent
    If it does, and your claiming RHI, I bet if Ofgem came and checked your emissions you'd fail on particulates.
    Maybe on NOx also.
    Just done emissions test to try and get ticket to burn class A waste wood and the test is quite stringent.
    Waiting for lab results to see if we've past.
  10. what boiler is this for?
  11. rollestonpark

    rollestonpark Member

    Burton on trent
    Froling TM250, other Froling boilers like the TM500, have already past.
  12. wilber

    wilber Member

    What is classed as Class A waste wood exactly? I heard getting the ticket was an expensive process also?
  13. rollestonpark

    rollestonpark Member

    Burton on trent
    Class A wood waste is shredded pallets etc with no paint, glues or other treatments on. (clean wood)
    My initial quote for the ticket to be done was £750, but due to a slight problem on the day we ran into another half day.
    So might be more like £1000
    Only has to be done once, then that's it.
    The waste wood I'm getting is £35/Ton at about 18% moisture.
    So much cheaper to run on than virgin.
    Just hope I've passed. As it's not that easy.
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  14. Interesting, thanks. What size is your current boiler? What's the going rate for virgin chip your way?
  15. rollestonpark

    rollestonpark Member

    Burton on trent
    Boiler is 250kw, wood chip is about £90/ton depending on moisture, amount ordered etc
  16. warksfarmer

    warksfarmer Member

    Delivered into you at £35/tonne shredded and clear of nails etc?
  17. rollestonpark

    rollestonpark Member

    Burton on trent
    It's not far, so I collect with tractor and trailer.
    Almost no nails.
    Do notice the odd nail after burning for awhile.
    But nothing the boiler can't handle.
    All in all, not a bad fuel for the money, nice and dry, so on a 18 ton grain trailer, can only get 5 ton max on it.
    So not paying for water.
  18. warksfarmer

    warksfarmer Member

    They are making a lot off that as they’ll be being paid about £25/t to take it in. Processing is probably around £5/t and then some fixed costs to come off but I bet they are at least £45/t in their pocket!

    Are you getting 4000kwh/tonne?
  19. rollestonpark

    rollestonpark Member

    Burton on trent
    Maybe so, but virgin wood of this moisture around us would be about £100/ton, so it's reasonable to me.

    If you can do better then tell me where you can get it.
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  20. warksfarmer

    warksfarmer Member

    Sorry I didn’t mean I could get it cheaper. Just pointing out that whilst it’s cheap fuel, it could be cheaper if you processed it yourself.

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