Strawberry short stamens


Mixed Farmer
I have a semihydrponic strawberry plantatión, the plants are growing in sand and rice husk, I have noticed that the stamens are developing too short so there is not pollination or just the low pistils, can Someone help me advising what can be causing the short stamens? I AM attaching some pictures. Thank you


Arable Farmer
Lorette Manitoba
By the colour of the leaves and the fact your growing them in sand and rice husks I’d say you have a major nutrient deficiency. Phos and potash will be the first I’d look at. not sure wat requirements are for strawberrys but a balanced healthy soil is first for any crop. Where are you located


Mixed Farmer
Thanks for your answer. I add A,B and C solutions for hidroponics through the dropping irrigation, the eléctric conductivity of the water that leaves the pot was high, the last Two days I was watering the plants with tap water. I live in Cusco-Peru


Livestock Farmer
Not that I know anything, but I understood from a hydroponics grower in Herefordshire that it was important to mist the plants at flower set.

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