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Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by theboytheboy, Jun 14, 2018.

  1. theboytheboy

    theboytheboy Member

    Hi all,

    I'm not much of a machinery geek and not very mechanically minded so hoping you can help.

    I am after advice for a used tractor for grassland work and haymaking.

    We don't really need anything big hp wise.

    Do not care about colour or brand as long as parts are reasonably available.

    Preferably as few electronics as possible.

    Would like air conditioning as will mostly be used for hay making in summer but not an absolute deal breaker.

    Would like to be able to upgrade to a good modern seat to help with bad backs.

    A forward reverse shuttle is preferred and if possible one which is "clutchless"?

    Must not be cabless- father says he's spent enough of his life breathing dust and being itchy and sunburnt and won't see us do the same.

    Any suggestions on makes/models that may suit.

    Budget around £10k

    If it helps we very much like our magnum 7110 and so something similar but smaller may fit the bill.

    Appreciate this will generate all sorts of suggestions
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  2. What’s your budget? Probs better asking in the machinery forum
  3. seedman stains

    lost in france
    Depends on your budget,massey 54 or ford (new holland)tla 90/100 or its newer models t5000.easy to get in and out of if on 34 wheels.
    Theres's a starter for you
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  4. I see in our free farming paper there is a special offer on a new no frills MF
  5. theboytheboy

    theboytheboy Member

    Edited the post to say £10k
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  6. devonshire farmer

    That’s probably the global range, born again 390 but it’s more than 10k
  7. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    You won’t get a power shuttle and air conditioning for £10,000 (unless it’s parked upside-down in Copart’s yard).

    You need to be at around £15k minimum for such a specification.
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  8. theboytheboy

    theboytheboy Member

    Ok - thanks. We need to revise expectations or find more cash.

    Any suggestions if air con and power shuttle not needed?
  9. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    The brand does not really matter - condition is king.

    Anything 'known' is generally fine, from Case, John Deere and New Holland right down to Zetor and Renault. Lots of 10K tractors have a manual shuttle, and lots of older, larger tractors have A/C (whether it works or not is another matter).

    If you want to keep you budget down, stay basic.
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  10. TS 90 / TS 115 SLE special , later ones have LH electric shuttle, but with analogue dash, and mechanical hydraulics. As said, it'll be difficult to find one in budget.
    Otherwise, a 56/66/7610 AP cab. Gearsticks between the legs :woot::woot: much easier for loader work IMO. None of the 80's classics really lend themselves to a hard days shuttling.
  11. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    They're £18k plus! :eek:
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  12. I sold my mint TS 115 , 1500 hours for £21k.

    I feel like punching myself.:(
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  13. smcapstick

    smcapstick Member

    Kirkby Lonsdale
    ...right in the wiener. Dummenkopf!
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  14. essexpete

    essexpete Member

    Might the Op find an older Maxxum?
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  15. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Best to go with a strong dealer in your area.
    Not to get it fixed, but to have them as a last resort for parts.

    Unfortunately you'll be in the private adds to get anything in that budget, but keep the faith something will turn up.
  16. Flat 10

    Flat 10 Member

    Fen Edge
    Good idea. Nice 5130....
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  17. Case MX

    Cummins engine with mechanical injection.
    Clutchless shuttle with 4 powershifts across 4 ranges.
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  18. Mursal

    Mursal Member

    Don't forget the man only wants to spend 10k
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  19. Ok, 5130 or similar.
    Under £10k
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  20. KennyO

    KennyO Member

    Would you get a 7740 for that money?

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