Sulphur use in arable systems


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Is anyone successfully getting good yield responses without the need to use Nitrogen with added Sulphur.
Farmyard manure, Digestate and Sewage Sludge all rotationally applied pre drilling

Phil P

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North West
Local chap has been doing tramline trials on reduced and zero sulphur inputs along with varying N as well. I was quite shocked at the difference in the crop between a full rate of sulphur and zero.
Ive slightly reduced the amount of so3 been applied this year but everything has had some.


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As I've written on other threads, I believe all crops, even grass, should be getting sulphur alongside their regular N applications. It is not a micronutrient and it no longer falls from the sky. Yes, there is some sulphur in manures and slurries but not shed loads.
Last year we started using a 380019 yara compound for everything. Not convinced we will get it for next season so may need to do a seperate application of poly sulphate and use urea for the N


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We're low on S , used it last year and plant health was far better , used calcifert S this year , half the price of polysulphate and 53 units but vile stuff to spread

It would be half the price, it doesn’t have the expensive potash in that Polysulphate has.

I’ve used PotashPlus (a blend of MOP & Polysulphate I think) this year, having used KornKali for several years. Both of those spread like Calcifert S, caking the spreader with dust.

As to the OP, surely with N prices were they are, this is the year to make sure you supply adequate S, in order to make most use of it?
There are many ways to apply it without having to use N ‘with added Sulphur’, where you are often paying a premium for the convenience.


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Scottish Borders
We’ve gone to a 1:3 ratio and seeing improvements
I’m about 1:1 using home brewed UAS.
Massively overdoing the S, but it was well bought and I doubled my order. I’d normally do first application as UAS and second as Urea, but kinda stuck on urea price this year.
Anyone want to swap solid urea for liquid AS? I’ve still got rather a lot.

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