Suppose it was inevitable.


Could we not erect a statue ( as opposed to pulling them down ffs ) in the canine's memory - its the right um colour for one so to speak.
One of our semi feral farm cats goes by the name of Mugabe. She’s coal black. Are we wrong?
(Another is called Hitler because he is a white cat with a black patch on his top lip. Are we wrong?)
I don’t think so, not in the context of an animals name.
I have no problem using, or anyone else using, the N word when talking about a dog that was named that from nearly 80 years ago. Obviously I would never use it in the context of this era regarding someone of different colour.
Anyway, at least now the poor dog can’t be associated with the pc brigade, and he can live on as the black Labrador of a Victoria Cross recipient from WW2.
I went to see the remastered version at the cinema a couple of years ago and they kept the dog's name, but protected us from being shocked by getting Dan Snow to give a warning before it started. There was a general sigh of despair around the cinema at that point.


North East Wales
When I was a child, in the early Ordovician era, we had a pet cat of whom I was extremely fond, called Sambo.

We have now recently given a home to what was a very hungry stray cat with an unfortunately prominent black mark on his nose, whom we have called Adolf, or in the interests of political correctness, Addy: whom as I speak lies in a most relaxed and leisurely repose with all the other semi comatose and sunbathing farm cats as they await their dinner to be served at six.

So does this make me a racist? All opinions welcome.

Heinrich de Klerk,
The Berghoff,
Eugene Terre Blanche Plantation,
When I was a child, in the early Ordovician era, we had a pet cat of whom I was extremely fond, called Sambo.
Not sure I should admit this, but my best mate at school was nicknamed Sambo, for the obvious reason that his family came to the UK from one of the former colonies. I really don't think it had a lasting effect on him as he was simply one of the gang and we all had insulting nicknames, mine being "Shorthouse" as I was rather smaller than the others. Everyone had some characteristic such as Eggy, who was a legend for his awful farts, and Embryo, who looked like a chicken embryo from our biology lessons. I don't think any of them have ever resorted to pulling down statues in retaliation.


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I’m amazed really that the replacement stone refers to a ‘black’ Labrador, instead of just dog !

Wonder what would have happened to the pc brigade if Gibson, and all others that fought for our freedom, had been defeated and the Nazi regime had taken over.
Celeb. gogglebox last night, Maureen Lipman(remember her religion) posed that very scenario to Giles Brandriff while watching a clip about a 13year old helping design the Spitfire.
Answer was he would be speaking german, she would be a bar of soap!
Having recently viewed this film for the first time as part of my media studies Doctorate (hoping for a career with the BBC!) I was shocked that the film is wrong on so many levels, not just the dog's name!

Why should a human claim mastery over an animal ? Having animals as pets is little different from slavery!

Why are all the main characters played by men , with female/lgbt actors only cast as minor ranks, servants etc?

The cast also fails to reflect society with no BAME or ability challenged characters.

The film propagates pan European conflict rather than European unity.

I also noted that during one scene, it was stated that people going into "action" would be rewarded with a "cooked" breakfast. Did nobody at the time spot the obvious link between a meat based diet and the resultant aggressive behaviour? A further compelling argument for us all to embrace a vegan lifestyle.

Could a more environmentally friendly way of getting to the Dams have been use? For instance, sail boats to cross the Channel and proceed up the rivers system? Was this war the start of modern climate change due to little or no consideration being given to each Nation's carbon footprint?

Rather than start a "war" was there no attempt a mediation between the party's in dispute? Surely a good Counsellor should have been called upon!

When will society learn from history? IMHO this whole conflict/war/battle issue could have been easily resolved with a series of Resolution Therapy sessions (with a nice avocado and humus dip provided) or failing that, let the Austrian fellow have his way. What's the worst that could have happened?

Edited to add:

Unfortunately, I watched the film "Braveheart" last night on my tutor's recommendation.

I have now told Mummy and Daddy that I will NOT be completing my course but will instead join the family's homeopathy practice
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I was deeply distressed and traumatized by the concept of the older, predictably male figure bouncing his balls across the garden and encouraging little children to take part in his "recreation".
The flooding of the valley at the end and the stress suffered by the enslaved chickens also leads to serious moral questions about animal welfare, :cry:

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