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Surface compaction, FYM and DD

Discussion in 'Direct Drilling General Discussion' started by Walwyn, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Walwyn

    Walwyn Member

    West Wales
    I have peas and barley to drill into IRG that will be sprayed off. Original plan was to plough as thought cattle had done a lot of damage in Dec. Having grazed again in last few days it don't look so bad.
    So 2 part question really:
    1. Is it safe enough to dd with potential of some surface compaction?
    2. What to do with FYM as planned to get some on pre ploughing, don't get many opportunities in the year to get some out being predominantly grass dairy farm.
    Will drill with aitchison grass farmer.
  2. Itll probably be fine andrew. Dig a few holes and see how crumbly the soil is remember it can grow grass roots so it can grow other stuff too.

    Only issue is roundup too close to emerging barley can have implications with decaying matt but the forthcoming heatwave should help

    Just chuck fym on whenever suits you. Ive done it all ways - before, after, ankle high etc.
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  3. Walwyn

    Walwyn Member

    West Wales
    Thanks Will, will have a dig once it's dried out again after last night's rain. Any advice to timing of roundup to help alleviate any potential problems?
  4. jondear

    jondear Member

    Peas wont like any compaction.!
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  5. They won't I agree but I think a lot of analysis about what is/what is not compaction is unproven. Some people call hard dry soil compacted, and its not. All depends if you have soil structure. The thing that causes most compaction is a plough because if buggers the soil structure

    You are potentially playing with fire with regards to spraying off and drilling now. The reason is as the roundup decays the decaying grass may effect the germination of the barley. BUT it is temperature dependent and if we have this warm weather it should negate the issues I sometimes have with roundup and germination of spring crops. If it was me I'd drill it and then spray it with roundup two days later. It is a risk but its not more of a risk than when you spray beforehand

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