Swaledale Ewes @ What Breed of Ram?

It was pretty tongue in cheek. My budget varies depending on the job.

I don’t blink at spending money on maternal tups I want @Woolless.

selection was figures/key traits, then visual inspection (including temperament). The best looking animal in the world is no use to me at all if he lacks the key traits I’m after.
I can confirm that I have managed to extract considerably more than £185 for a tup on two occasions from @unlacedgecko :D .

£185 for those Char tups was a step away from theft IMO (y)(y)

Moors Lad

N Yorks
What would a Suffolk tup be like tupping swales.
He should be very happy with some nice horny females to service...;)
Joking apart we used to sell swale gimmer shearlings to a man in the south west to put a Suffolk on and keep the females to put a terminal tup on. Swales are excellent mothers and we find them milky if fed correctly when having more than one lamb. Guess it`s all down to the type of Suffolk tup you manage to source.

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Open Letter: Response to Eat Balanced Campaign on Social Media

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Letter to the Editor

January 2021

Have you seen the exciting new AHDB ‘We Eat Balanced’ £1.5 million marketing campaign launched on January 4? Anyone watching social media over the past two weeks won’t be surprised its stimulated debate with huge support, outrage, passion and enthusiasm all stirred up.

We want to inject balance into the debate about red meat and dairy – to start having a different national conversation and put farming’s voice out there. The campaign is being run across TV, print and in retail as well as social media, so millions of consumers will have the opportunity to see it. We know 98 per cent of households enjoy meat and dairy but some are looking to reduce, and this is who our campaign speaks to.

Farmers and consumers alike have congratulated us for airing...