Swaledale Ewes @ What Breed of Ram?

It was pretty tongue in cheek. My budget varies depending on the job.

I don’t blink at spending money on maternal tups I want @Woolless.

selection was figures/key traits, then visual inspection (including temperament). The best looking animal in the world is no use to me at all if he lacks the key traits I’m after.
I can confirm that I have managed to extract considerably more than £185 for a tup on two occasions from @unlacedgecko :D .

£185 for those Char tups was a step away from theft IMO (y)(y)

Moors Lad

N Yorks
What would a Suffolk tup be like tupping swales.
He should be very happy with some nice horny females to service...;)
Joking apart we used to sell swale gimmer shearlings to a man in the south west to put a Suffolk on and keep the females to put a terminal tup on. Swales are excellent mothers and we find them milky if fed correctly when having more than one lamb. Guess it`s all down to the type of Suffolk tup you manage to source.

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