Tech Talk – Tackling umbelliferous weeds


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Download PDF Pressure on an ever-dwindling armoury of broadleaf weed herbicides, essential for keeping a plethora of common and unfamiliar species in check, is putting increasing pressure on growers and agronomists to deliver cost-effective control solutions. FMC manufactures many of the leading SU products with a proven track record, enabling the industry to keep one step ahead of this growing problem. There’s a family of weeds on the increase across the country and they’re very competitive if left unchecked. CPM finds out how to prevent the umbellifers from stealing your yield. Early control is the best approach. By Lucy de la Pasture More often than not it’s grassweeds that dictate herbicide programmes and any surviving broadleaf weeds are mopped up in the spring. That approach has led to a spectrum of broadleaf weeds that has changed in response to herbicide use and the development of herbicide resistance in some broadleaf species. The result is a swing in the spring weed population towards certain weed species that are able to capitalise on holes in autumn herbicide programmes and exploit the gap left by the successful control of other weed species. Most notably on the increase are weeds from the Apiaceae family,…
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