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TED 20 Rear Tyres

Discussion in 'Classic Machinery' started by firsttimerestoration, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Hello

    Can I just get rear tyres for a vintage tractor at any place or do I have to go to a specialist place.
  2. Terry Elsey Tyres

  3. I can get you some good years with diamonds on the side
    10 28's
    And 11 28's
    They are quite pricey now
    If you just want a cheap tyre go to any tractor tyre supplier
  4. Honestly I have not checked I was sort of hoping someone would know for the tractor
  5. Terry Elsey Tyres

    What tractor is it for ?
  6. Ferguson ted20
  7. heymrmessy

    heymrmessy New Member

    It depends if you want tyres that fit it, tyres that look right, or tyres that are right..
    Cost and availability vary massively!
  8. I want the ones that work the best
  9. 11 28's then
    If your not to bothered...
    But they should be 10 28's but that size is almost impossible to find pm me if you want i should have a new set of good years straight bars with diamonds
  10. Terry Elsey Tyres

    11.2/28 bkt tr135 £132 each plus vat free delivery

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  11. MrNoo

    MrNoo Member

    It also depends what you are doing with it and what the rear dishes are set to, if on 48 centers you can run into clearance issues between the mudguard and inner tyre, 52 centers you'll be fine, even running 12/28's.
    Originally they had 10/28 but most now use the 11.2/28's, these are what I use match ploughing (BKT's), set at 48 centers with packers under one side to tilt the mudguards in slightly (to improve clearance). I do have a new set (used but not for very long) of 12/28's BKT sat in the shed.

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