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Hi all , in the process of changing to a new 6 rotor Tedder . It will be between a claas and a kverneland due to dealer preference. The claas seems to be 2 grand dearer . Is it worth the extra £££
I recently have changed to a 6 rotor Claas it looks well built and has a different tine arm to the volto 52 I have. I was perfectly happy with the 4 rotor just wanted a wide one.
Thank you for a straight forward reply to the question! I agree the claas will be heavier built . It’s whether it’s worth the extra to change . I’m only doing about 3-400 acres a year so it’s not doing that much

Martin Holden

Grassland Exhibitor
Hook tines - cheap or more expensive. The choice goes on and on. Frankly and without being cheeky a tedder is such a relatively simple machine dealer back up is not as crucial as other machines in the grass harvesting ranges. We now offer straight and hook tine versions as it’s allowing those who want to make the choice between the two to do so. Our rule of thumb is - big diameter rotors is where hook tines work best. Small diameter rotors is where smaller diameter rotors work best and we’ve found that haylage and hay contractors prefer straight tines and small diameter rotors as they tend out multiple times to get to the very high DM’s required. In any group of machines if one is considerably cheaper than the main steam, there is a reason. Today across Europe production costs don’t vary that much anymore so the difference is coming from somewhere. Take a good long look at the various brands in the flesh and talk to existing owners is my advice.


We had the same decision to make 7 year ago ,went with a kv 6 rotor, been a brilliant tedder, still on all its original tines, spread pattern is excellent and it's never needing any work done to it either. 7 years old and bar the wheel rims rusting a bit it still looks a new machine. we were put off by a lot of people saying the class was soft round the headstock and the "stars" that connects the rotors together when the tedder is folded down wear and cause problems.


I don't like the Claas in hay, although I am used to an older Volto 770. Do the newer ones still wrap it around the rotors and row it up? The Claas does make a good job of spreading rows of fresh grass out.
No experience of KV, I can't think of anyone who has one.
I’ve a Vicon/Kverneland that is now 18 years old, apart from a few tines, 1 hose, a ram seal kit and a pto clutch rebuild it’s been fine. I am happy enough with that after the thick end of twenty years service and I would consider another certainly if there was a price gap of thousands!

Rs chunk

Used to have a Volvo 52 here, crap is the word to describe it grass always getting into the housings and destroying bearings. Have a malone now it’s way better built

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