Tenant farmers and farm diversification

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  1. The Business Barn

    The Tenant Farmers Association have recently released a press release suggesting that a rising number of landlords are refusing farm diversification consent.

    Is this something you have come across? Let us know your experiences below.

    You can read more on the topic here >>>>>>
  2. Billboy1

    Billboy1 Member

    Why would they if it made farms viable for another generation to carry on ?
  3. onesiedale

    onesiedale Member

    Probably more a case of an opportunity to make a tenant surrender an AHA tenancy and create an FBT
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  4. Surgery

    Surgery Member

    Happens around here , landlord has half the rental thou , can only mean issues in my opinion come succession. Landlords and agents agenders change with time so any diversification on rented ground or buildings needs to be written down and be bullet proof for the future successors in respect it doesn’t give the landlords the higher ground.
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  5. Billboy1

    Billboy1 Member

    I had permission to diversify 20years ago with the then agent saying I could keep all the profits.
    Guess what the new agent says I wouldn’t have got an agreement like that off him and uses the diversified income in rent negotiations ! Always causes an argument
  6. hally

    hally Member

    Our land agent told us when we looked into a tourism diversification that it would end our aha and move us to a fbt, so that ended it for us tbh.
  7. chipchap

    chipchap Member

    South Shropshire
    Only invest on my own property nowadays.
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  8. Billboy1

    Billboy1 Member

    Likewise which is a shame because there is so much potential here
  9. Same here, not worth starting with on the tenanted farm, invest in your own land.
  10. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Because they want a "slice" of the action that is axillary to normal farm land practices maybe???
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  11. chipchap

    chipchap Member

    South Shropshire
    Perhaps when SFP is gone they will be crying out for tenants, having driven us all into the ground.

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