Tenants/Landlord house decorating and repairs.

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  1. Jon

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    South Norfolk
    Anyone else get landed with an invoice for decorating the outside of the farmhouse and outbuildings?

    Just a figure, no breakdown of work done.

    On quizzing the landlords agent, it seems we've even been charged for work that I have done to a chimney.

    Apparently this was an oversight on the builders side, despite me emailing the agent about completing the work months before the decorators turned up!
  2. Formatted

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    Tfa.org.uk if you aren't already a member
  3. Jon

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    South Norfolk
    I'm a member, but it's good to talk.
    Frustrated that it's mine and my landlords budget, but their agent seems oblivious to actually checking what work was done.
    'an oversight' in my eyes is decorator tried to pull a fast one, but only through me justifying what my money is being spent on has discovered this.
    The Landlords agent seemed to just shrug his shoulders.
  4. Badshot

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    Who chose the decorator?
  5. Jon

    Jon Member

    South Norfolk
    The Landlord.
    The house is the traditional large building, my local one or two man bands are soon put off by the size, (I have tried to encourage them), and by who the agents are.
  6. Ours is a shared cost between ourselves and the landlord. It costs about 10k every 7 years and our landlord pays 50%
  7. Brisel

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    The LL's agent isn't going to be on site every week to see what has or hasn't been done. I doubt his client would want to pay that kind of fee creation at a charge out rate of £100+/hour plus travelling which he'll try and get off you in the end. You monitored it & picked up the error in admin. Everyone's a winner except the dodgy contractor unless it was a genuine mistake.

    What's the problem? :scratchhead:
  8. Jon

    Jon Member

    South Norfolk
    I feel there is a huge information gap as we, the tenant, are not involved at all with the work to be done, the contractor turns up, I obviously talk to them, and find out what they have been tasked to do.
    This is after being told by the Landlords agent that the Landlord is decorating his house, I'm to pay my share, that's all they are obliged to involve me in.
    Plus they actively put off local small companies by slow payment, or draconian rules, that are not adhered to the successful contractor.
  9. Surgery

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    If your ll is approachable i would mention of the dodgy nature of whats going on and that the agent seems to be standing firm by their arrogance , had simular ourselves and the agent got removed and issues resolved very fairly.
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  10. Jon

    Jon Member

    South Norfolk
    Yes , it's very difficult, fine line between standing up for yourselves, and putting Landlords agent backs up.
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  11. nickf

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    I pay 50% of the external decorating costs but my landlord’s agent shares all the quotes they get and also actively encourages me to get my own preferred builders to quote if we can get a reduced price.
    I monitor the work as I am on site all the time.
    I wouldn’t accept anyone working here if I am expected to pay a proportion of the costs and I hadn’t been involved in the tender process.
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  12. Dry Rot

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    Scottish Highlands
    Do tenants not have written leases these days? When I was a lad, leases were very specific on who was responsible for what. These things should not be left to chance or the good natures of either party. I think, in Scotland at least, if there is doubt, one of the parties can require things to be formalised at mutual cost.
  13. Flat 10

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    Fen Edge
  14. shane basing

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    dalham suffolk

    Should of come to me maybe I could of helped on the decorating side to save you some money in exchange for metal detecting permission.
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