TESCO to buy Booker

Discussion in 'News' started by Courier, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Courier

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    I’ll bet that independent shopkeepers aren’t too happy that TESCO will be able to flex it’s buying power even more then also control the independent’s costs...... And the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) agreed to it
  2. DrDunc

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    Apparently there isn't a conflict of business interests o_O

    Doubt that France would have allowed the merger, even before Mercon announced he intends to insist producers are paid a fair price.
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  3. Chasingmytail

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    Newport, SE Wales
    I am really surprised the purchase has been agreed
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  4. Chasingmytail

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    Newport, SE Wales
    Its also the Booker group and that is much bigger than the wholesaler - includes food service to HMP etc.
  5. llamedos

    llamedos Staff Member

    Oop North ish
    Time to see if the GCA has any clout to those who supply Bookers, as they will now come under her wing.
  6. Still Farming

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    Glamorgan Wales
    If you can't beat em Join em ???
  7. bovrill

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    East Essex, UK
    Booker still own Macro too, don't they?
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