Text selection on phone in TFF text compose box is batty

Discussion in 'Community Feedback' started by Pheasant Surprise, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. [Composing/editing TFF messages using phone and TFF Responsive 15.3]

    This has been slowly bugging me for a while now, and it’s probably been happening since the last time IOS was updated but....

    I can’t seem to highlight/select more then one word in the message composure box - it’s either just the one word or the highlight wraps everything from that word forward.

    For example. One word selected. Seems OK...


    However if you try to select say two or three words, then it just wants to grab everything!


    So it’s just selects the one word or EVERYHING to the right of that first word. Very frustrating.

    Any clues good people or is this a Xenforo and IOS disagreement - a bug - in other words?
  2. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    That will be an IOS problem. However we are in progress of upgrading to the next version of Xenforo. We are planning on asking members if they would be part of the test team and its exactly this sort of thing we hope will be fixed along with the host of new features you get.

    There are lots of other bits that have stopped working as well, but we have been required to unpick a lot of the development done of the last 5 years which stopped us from upgrading. This is planned shortly.
  3. Yeah let me know if you want a guinea pig. I don’t mind giving it a test.

    Just don’t look in my direction when it seriously breaks! ;)
  4. Chris F

    Chris F Staff Member

    We would like some users for XF2 testing. So will take you up on the that. The aim at that stage will be to break it!
  5. Spear

    Spear Member

    I’m good at breaking things
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  6. (y)
  7. Seems to be resolved now with the IOS 12.2 update I just loaded on my phone (y)

    How’s the XenForo update going at your end?

    Still quite happy to do some testing if you want.:)
  8. Still Farming

    Still Farming Member

    Glamorgan Wales
    Gremmlins at it again at they @Clive ,text seems all shapes ,page refresh helps bit but format bug or something is it ?
  9. Dead box in the cluster.

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